We have 11 Year Round walks in Florida. They are: Cocoa Beach, Daytona Beach, Deland, Flagler Beach, Mount Dora, New Smyrna Beach, Ormond Beach, Ponce Inlet, Port Orange, St. Augustine and Sanford. We also have a walk in Savannah Georgia for a total of 12 Year Round Events.  You can walk these events at anytime. You can get credit every time you walk. Walk boxes are located at convenient locations. You just sign up, get the directions, pay the nominal fee, and do the walk. If you are not interested in the credit,  you can just walk it for the health of it. These type of walks are sponsored by clubs all over the US and Canada.

Event FAQ’s

What Is A YEAR-ROUND-EVENT? Unlike regular Volksmarch Events which have fixed Start/Finish times and are offered only on certain weekends, a Year Round Event may be enjoyed any day of the year. It is a non-competitive walk through a scenic and/or historic area that participants travel at their own pace.

WHO IS ELIGIABLE? Anyone may participate. Volkssporting is a family activity. Children under 12 must be accompanied by an adult. Pets must be leashed, are not allowed in buildings, on the beach, boardwalks or campgrounds.

WHAT ABOUT WHEELCHAIRS & STROLLERS? This type of equipment is not suitable on trails or most beaches.

ARE THERE ANY WAIVERS? All walkers MUST sign waivers for each event. Parents must sign for walkers under 18

WHAT IS THE PROCEDURE? At the start of each event, each participant will register in the log book and  fill out a Start Card with name and full address of each walker. This card is carried and Checkpoints are noted along the route. All cards remain the property of The Happy Wanderers and must be turned in at the Finish.   Please use sidewalks where available and follow all traffic signs and signals.

WHAT IS THE PREFERRED METHOD OF PAYMENT?  There is a $3.00 fee for each walker who participates in any of the Year Round Events.. Make checks payable to The Happy Wanderers and mail along with the completed start card(s). We do Not have FREE walkers.  For your convenience, self-addressed envelopes can be found in all Volksboxes. Please mail your payments to P.O. Box 290153 Port Orange, FL 32129-0153. Anyone who finishes an event is eligible for IVV credit. AVA BOOKS are Not available in the Volksboxes. Insert cards are always available.

WHAT ABOUT REFRESHMENTS? Water and restrooms are available on all routes, however, it is wise to carry water and keep hydrated. This is Florida! Sunscreen, bug repellent, hats are recommended.

WHAT IS HOST ETIQUETTE? We encourage you to patronize and thank our hosts. They are generous in allowing us to use their facilities as a start point. Kindly wait until other customers have been waited on. Process your paperwork away from the business part of the establishment.

WHAT ARE SPECIAL PROGRAMS? An AVA Special Program is a specific program approved by the AVA. These programs include a booklet which volkssporters complete by entering AVA stamp numbers from qualified events and submitting as required to recognize completion of the special event.   For additional information log on to http://www.ava.org/specprog.php.

WALKING, WHERE TO START? Walking is one of the easiest exercises but it needs to be taken seriously. To have a good walking experience a proper pair of walking shoes or boots (choice dependent on terrain) and socks are also a must. This will become apparent when you get more serious and you can start investing in special clothing and accessories; more on that later.

Shoes/Boots: The most important item you need is good, properly fit walking shoes/boots. Foot wear should fit comfortably, with adequate toe room and have flexible sole. When trying on shoes/boots, for purchase always wear the socks that you intend to use.

Socks: They are as important as the shoes or boots that you wear. Choose socks made from a wicking or ‘stay dry’ material, rather than the standard cotton sock. Your feet will love you for it.

Clothing/Hats: Wear what is comfortable for you. Check the weather forecast and dress accordingly. On colder days, dress in layers so items can be removed as you warm up. Don’t forget a hat for hot or cold days. Sunscreen, lip balm and sunglasses are essential to protect against the elements.

Water : Water, water, everywhere but not a drop to drink. When you walk in Florida you will know what is meant by that statement. To ensure that you are properly hydrated, always drink water before and after your walking exercise. If walking for longer than 20 minutes, drink every 20 minutes; this may vary on temperature and walk elevation. There are many water containers from which to choose; pick the one that best suits your needs.

WHAT ELSE SHOULD I TAKE? You don’t need much more than suitable walking shoes/boots and a good pair of socks. However, you may want to buy a pair of walking poles; they are really updated walking sticks. They are especially helpful when going over rough ground or up steep inclines. They will also help your balance and lessen the impact on your knees going down hills.

Carry a flashlight for emergencies and nighttime. With modern technology and GPS it is a very good idea to take a well charged cell phone. If in areas with no reception, and for the more adventurous going to more remote areas, taking a map and compass is also a good idea.

DISCLAIMER: The sponsors are not liable for accidents, thefts, and/or material damage. Every effort has been made by the sponsors to make this a safe, enjoyable and memorable Event.