This year’s Christmas Season consisted of several walks and celebrations featuring the spirit of the holiday season.

Christmas 2014

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On September 2, 2008 a group of the Happy Wanderers and friends took a 10 day land and sea trip to Alaska, our 49th state. This was a “mega event” for the participants and became the basis of several slide shows.

Anchorage, Alaska

[img src=]120Chugach Moutain
[img src=]100Downtown Views
[img src=]110MT Ranier Over Seattle
[img src=]130Hotel Arrival
[img src=]100Marriot Hotel
[img src=]120Walk Registration
[img src=]100Alaskan History Mural
[img src=]220All Walkers (except Pat)
[img src=]80Delaney Athletic Field
[img src=]90Inlet Named After Captain James Cook
[img src=]120Walkers At Cooks Inlet
[img src=]100Alaskan Railroad Monument
[img src=]130Dinner at the Rumrunner
[img src=]90Morning View of Anchorage
[img src=]100City Landscape
[img src=]130Cauliflower & Parsley 4th Avenue
[img src=]150Mike & Law Enforcement (Don't Worry We'll Pay Your Bail)
[img src=]100Corner of 4th Avenue & E Street

Road to Denali

[img src=]90Denali
[img src=]80Ice Cream Stop
[img src=]80Alaskan Range
[img src=]60Alaska Veteran's Memorial
[img src=]70Mckinley Charlet
[img src=]70Road to the Grand Denali Lodge
[img src=]60Nenana River
[img src=]60Karen at the Lodge
[img src=]60Grand Denali Lobby
[img src=]60Tour Director - Sarah
[img src=]60Lobby View - McKinley Chalet
[img src=]100McKinley Chalet Resort - Dinner Show
[img src=]90Alaskan History Show
[img src=]70Alaskan Range Sunset
[img src=]60End of a Perfect Day

Denali National Park

[img src=]100Denali Wilderness Nature Tour
[img src=]70Tour Bus
[img src=]60Denali Wilderness
[img src=]80Moose
[img src=]40Moose Close-up
[img src=]40Mt McKinley
[img src=]50Savage Trail Cabin
[img src=]40Savage River
[img src=]40Huslia Indian Chief - Population 293
[img src=]70A Kodak Moment
[img src=]40Hawk In Flight
[img src=]30Late Summer
[img src=]40McKinley Chalet Courtyard
[img src=]80Alaskan Railroad

Talkeetna, Alaska

[img src=]40Talkeetna Fire Truck
[img src=]270Happy Wandereres - Talkeetna Lodge
[img src=]50Welcome to Talkeetna
[img src=]50Air Charter to Denali
[img src=]40Historic Fairview Inn - Main Street
[img src=]40Great Bakery
[img src=]40Roadhouse Restaurant
[img src=]50Caribou
[img src=]30Talkeetna River
[img src=]50Happy Wandereres - Talkeetna River
[img src=]50Looking for Grub
[img src=]30West Rib Cafe & Pub
[img src=]40West Rib Cafe & Pub - Interior
[img src=]20Mayor of Talkeetna
[img src=]20View of Mt. McKinley - Talkeetna
[img src=]40Wandering the Talkeetna Lodge Grounds
[img src=]40End of Day Sunset

Alaskan Cruise

[img src=]90Cruise Ship
[img src=]70Port of Seward, Alaska
[img src=]60Cabin 8642
[img src=]90Cabin 8642 II
[img src=]60Cabin View
[img src=]100Pat & Tammy
[img src=]80Casino
[img src=]70Windjammer Cafe
[img src=]40Solarium
[img src=]50Hot Tub
[img src=]120Dining on Board
[img src=]40Sergay - Russian Waiter
[img src=]40Morning Walk
[img src=]60Happy Wanderers Rock Climbers
[img src=]60Mike Makes It to the Top
[img src=]80Karen Rock Climbing
[img src=]70Gayle Rings the Bell
[img src=]50Hubbard Bound

Hubbard Glacier

[img src=]4076 Miles Long 6 Miles Wide
[img src=]40Approaching the Glacier
[img src=]60Jim
[img src=]301st Look
[img src=]30Viewers on Deck 11
[img src=]80A Nikon Moment
[img src=]30calving
[img src=]30View From Deck 6
[img src=]30Mt. Logan
[img src=]3076 Miles Later
[img src=]40Blue Ice - Close up
[img src=]20Calving Begins -White Thunder
[img src=]20Tons of Ice Break into the Sea
[img src=]20Surrounded by Ice
[img src=]30Juneau - Next Stop
[img src=]90Gathering for Some Fun Time
[img src=]50Rosario Strings - Dick & Teddy
[img src=]110Strike A Pose
[img src=]40Dinner Gathering
[img src=]30Beautiful Evening

Juneau, Alaska

[img src=]00Capital Walk
[img src=]00Juneau Business District
[img src=]00Franklin Street
[img src=]00View From Mt. Roberts
[img src=]00Mount Roberts Nature Walk
[img src=]00Snow on the Nature Trail
[img src=]00Spawning Ladder - Macaulay Salmon Hatchery
[img src=]00Growing Pens at the Hatchery
[img src=]00Mendenhall Glacier
[img src=]10Walk Start Point - D.K. Mining
[img src=]00Walking Up A Hill in Juneau
[img src=]20State Government Building
[img src=]00Typical Alaskan Repair - Duct Tape
[img src=]20Governor's Mansion
[img src=]30Neighborhood In the vicinity of the Governor's Mansion
[img src=]20House Next Door to the Governor's Mansion
[img src=]00Famous Red Dog Saloon
[img src=]00Red Dog Saloon - Interior
[img src=]00Douglas Ilsand

Skagway, Alaska

[img src=]00Welcome to Skagway
[img src=]00In Port at Skagway
[img src=]10Happy Wanderers Event - Skagway
[img src=]00Broadway Street
[img src=]00Museum and City Hall
[img src=]00Historic Skagway Inn
[img src=]00Log House
[img src=]50Marriane, Don, and Joyce - Lower Reid Falls
[img src=]00Soapy Smith Grave - Gold Rush Cemetary
[img src=]30Walking into Town
[img src=]00Red Onion Saloon and Bordello
[img src=]10Lunch at the Red Onion
[img src=]10Yukon Railroad - White Pass
[img src=]00Wood Stove
[img src=]00Close Up View
[img src=]00Entering the Mountail Tunnel
[img src=]00North West Mounted Police Shack
[img src=]0098 Miner Trail
[img src=]00Exit Mountain Tunnel

Hoonah, Alaska

[img src=]70Icy Strait Point
[img src=]60Tender Boat at Hoonah
[img src=]30Canning Museum and Shops
[img src=]90Kyaking Adventure
[img src=]70Tammy's Kyak
[img src=]50In Kyaks
[img src=]60Karen in Her Kyak
[img src=]60Waiting for the Guide
[img src=]50Choppy and Cool
[img src=]40Road to Hoonah
[img src=]50Hoonah Commerce
[img src=]40Internet Connection
[img src=]60Alaskan Crab Lunch
[img src=]50Map - You Are Here
[img src=]40Local Industry
[img src=]40Residential Area
[img src=]30Halibut Pizza
[img src=]40Pat Biking
[img src=]30Radiance of the Sea

Ketchikan, Alaska

[img src=]00Salmon Capitol of the World
[img src=]00Walk Start - Mission Street
[img src=]10Whale Park
[img src=]00City Park
[img src=]00Homes by Ketchikan Creek
[img src=]00Salmon Run at Ketchikan Creek
[img src=]30Alakan Malamute
[img src=]00Thomas Strret - Boat Harbor
[img src=]00Stedman Street
[img src=]30Mike's Snack Break
[img src=]00Shopping at Creek Street
[img src=]00Tunnel to Ketchikan's West End
[img src=]00Radinace Cruise Ship - Waiting for a Berth
[img src=]00Waters Street - West End
[img src=]00Front Street - Nob Hill
[img src=]00Time to Board the Radiance