Business Meeting Minutes
Thursday, July 6, 2017 @ 6:30 PM

President John McClellan welcomed everybody and then called the meeting to order at 6:32 p.m.
26 in attendance, 17 club members, constituting a Quorum.

Meeting Agendas and minutes are on the Tables.

The Happy Wanderers Planning Meeting will be Aug 5th, 2017, Port Orange Presbyterian Church 4662 South Clyde Morris Blvd Port Orange. We will not meet in the church but in the small building to the left (where we met for this meeting.) We will make a plan for next year; we encourage everyone who has a suggested for the good of the club, to attend. Simple refreshments will be served – coffee, muffins and donuts. We encourage new ideas and suggestions.

Secretary: President John McClellan reported the Secretary position is vacant. Minutes from May meeting are on the tables and on the web site. Angela Clavelo made a motion to accept the minutes, Barbara Anderson Port Orange seconded. Motion passed.

Treasurer’s Report: President John McClellan: Welcome to our new treasurer, Angela Clavelo. Angela reported the fiscal year ended June 30. Balance: $3,751.

Vice-President’s Report: (Dan Spink) No report.

Member at Large Report: YRE renewals have started ~ 13 Walks, 2 Bike events, 1 Swim. When the FVA closed we picked up the State Park Walks – Hontoon Island, Blue Spring. Discussion.

Extended distances, we currently have two distances available on our YRE’s 5KM and 10KM. Currently only one 20KM walk is available in Florida. Discussion. Tabled. Further discussion will take place during the Planning Meeting on Aug 5th, please plan to attend.

Gloria spoke with the Shrine Gift Shop in St. Augustine. After the announcement for our June 11th Group Walk appeared in the local paper, the shrine express concern about our members parking in their parking lot. Gloria explained to the Shrine that we have insurance which covers our walkers as the enjoy the Shrine Garden. Discussion.

Robert Priest was not present, he sent John his report. Robert contacted our T-shirt vendor regarding ordering Tank tops. The vendor offered Tank Tops only in white. Robert sent Maureen the name of a local store. Maureen visited the store and was provided a design work up with prices; Maureen and Robert are discussing options. Discussion.

Club Volunteer(s) Reports:
Membership — Karen Duhlstine reported our membership is at 110.

Newsletter — Sheila McClellan: Deadline for Articles is July 11th.

Publicity – Our St. Augustine YRE Group Walks will now appear in the St. Augustine Record. At our June 11th YRE, 4 walkers joined us who had seen the ad. Future Sanford YRE Group Walks will now appear in the Sanford Herald. Several different Observer editions. John has talked to St. John County about their Fall/Winter Event brochure, John will write a press release.

Web site — President John McClellan reported our web site won 3rd place at the AVA Convention. : If you have any pictures of a HW walk please submit them to David and he will post them to the web site. His email address is:

President’s Report:
SERD Southeast Regional Director, John McClellan, presented Certificates of Commendation Awards to 2015-2017 officers: Vice-President Dan Spink, Treasurer Barbara Anderson; Member-at-Large Gloria Platt.

Vice-President Dan Spink recognized President John McClellan and thanks him for his hard work. The members gave John a round of applause.

WAF27 Flyers are available – see John.
We are on track with the planning of this event ~ 45 rooms have been reserved ~ please make reservations soon, the UF vs GA college football game is playing in Jacksonville, FL on Oct. 28th – some fans will stay in St. Augustine. You must call the hotel; you cannot get the WAF rate online. No charge for parking. Breakfast included. 1st walk Friday afternoon, 2nd, 3rd Walk Saturday, 4th Walk Sunday at World Golf Village, lunch. Sat night dinner location is 5 miles from the hotel, one vegetarian meal available Eggplant Parmesan.
We will have a Volunteer sign at the September Meeting for checkpoints, greeting, registration etc..

Please fill out the WAF27 flyers, make out a check and submit to the Mid-Florida Milers – address on the flyer. There is only one A award, a small apothecary bottle – please check the box once, not for each walk.

WAF Contest ~ Volunteer hours will count toward the contest.

Christmas Party: Emilie Higgins and Mitzi Mucciarone have volunteered to be our Chairpersons. Discussion. Sheila McClellan made the motion for the Christmas Party to be held on Dec 8th at the Port Orange VFW. Barbara Anderson seconded. Discussion. Can members bring guest – yes. Motion passed. September meeting will have more information.

Hontoon Island State Park The Happy Wanderers and The Mid Florida Milers will host a Group Walk and Picnic on Saturday Oct 7th. Time TBD. Food Volunteers will be needed.

Our last bike event was held at Lake Mary, the Bike stamp is still valid – John is considering adding a Bike Event to the fall schedule – Lake Beresford Park to Blue Springs State Park Bicycle Trail
or Lake Monroe Park to Green Springs Park 25 km (15 miles) Discussion. The Bike ride will stop midway, small snack and turn around. or perhaps a meal at the Osteen Diner.
Veterans Day Night Walk Sat. November 11th Torch Walk around the Port Orange City Center lake. We need a volunteer to help organize.

New Year’s Eve John asked the club members if they were interested in having a New Year’s Eve walk at 2PM If it’s a Traditional Event then sanctioned is due soon. Discussion. No resolution.

REI Opt Outside 2 years ago the outdoor sport store, REI, started a movement to encourage people to not shop on Black Friday but, instead, to Opt outside. The Mid-Florida Milers want to walk MT Dora on November 25th. The Happy Wanderers are scheduled to walk MT. Dora on Dec. 10th to view the Christmas lights. Gloria stated the Mount Dora Christmas lights will be on display into January. HW Executive Council will take up this issue at their August meeting.
AVA Convention ~ The Happy Wanderers won 3rd place for our Web site. 3rd place for Event Brochure for our Palatka Azalea Festival Traditional Event. Our representatives, Alan and Martha Stollberg, have the awards, we’ll distribute to David McCarthy and John McClellan at the Christmas Party. Please check the AVA web site for more information on the votes. One vote concerned the National Mascot submissions – no mascot was selected.
We look forward to the AVA Convention June 2019 in Albany, New York.

Any New Business from the floor? None.

We asked the new attendees to introduce themselves. Bill Thomas, Julie Emerson, Barbara Meeks, Syd Sundby, Roger Schmetzer.

Next meeting: Thursday, September 7th 6:30 PM

Dinner tonight afterwards at the Tomoka Brewing Co. just across Clyde Morris from here.

Meeting Adjourned. 7:30 p.m.

Business Meeting Minutes
Thursday, May 2, 2017 @ 6:30 PM

President John McClellan welcomed everybody and then called the meeting to order at 6:36 p.m.
15 club members were present, constituting a Quorum.

Meeting Agendas and minutes are on the Tables.

AVA Big Give Annual Fundraising, please consider going home and give. Log onto the AVA web site, click donate. Before the meeting started they had $35,000 toward their $60,000 goal. You may mail a check into: AVA 1001 Pat Booker Rd, Suite 101, Universal City, and TX 78148-4147. Some groups and AVA members have offered matching funds for certain donations.

The FVA Election Meeting was held April 29, 2017 in Jacksonville, FL. No one ran for any of the positions – particularly President; so the FVA will cease operations 1 July 2017. What this means for us – the HW have been keeping the walk boxes current for Hontoon Island State Park and Blue Spring State Park here in our area. The $3 walk fees will now come to the Happy Wanderers. The Blue Spring walk is not a popular walk when the Manatees are not there – HW might consider making it a seasonal walk rather than a YRE. For now it will stay YRE until the FVA disbands in July. There is money in the FVA accounts, and the disposition of these funds is under consideration now.

Secretary’s Report: Sheila McClellan is filling in, please consider volunteering for Secretary. A motion to approve minutes from the March meeting was made by Russ Anderson & seconded by Marianne Gray. Minutes approved.

Treasurer’s Report: (Barbara Anderson) Not present, called in report, current balance $4,014.18.

Vice-President’s Report: (Dan Spink) Blue Dots are for sale (non-member cost $30 for 10 (cash or check accepted.) HW members, $25 for 10) by the VP at walks and the general membership meeting. Currently the VP is unable to attend the walks; Bob Allen and Gloria Pratt have volunteered to sell the Blue Dots. The third Wednesday of the month is Bring a Friend to a walk. To promote bringing a friend – we will start giving a member one blue dot if they bring a friend to any Wednesday walk.

Member at Large Report: Gloria Pratt wants members to know if you have any questions or suggestions – let an officer know or a Member at Large. Good, Bad or other. The Members at Large are your voice on the board. YRE – the June, July walk schedule are on the web site. Wednesday night walks will start at 7PM, gather 6:30PM, for the summer. Our Ice Cream Walks, we stop by an ice cream shop at the end of walk.

YRE Coordinator Report: (Gloria Pratt) Dan Spink has been filling in as our Mount Dora Point of Contact. Jan Van Vlack, a Mid-Florida Miler member, who lives 25 miles from Mount Dora (Port Orange is 57 miles) has volunteered to be the Point of Contact for our walk. The HW board unanimously voted to award honorary membership to Jan with our thanks.
3rd Quarter Walk Schedule July, Aug, Sept is complete and will be on the web site shortly.

Robert Priest (absent) – Maureen Higgins, our Specialties Boutique coordinator, took an inventory; the numbers have been passed along to President and Robert. John passed on that an order is going to be made for more of the club’s dry fit T-shirts, in the sizes we are out of. We expect to have them in June. We are also planning an order of unisex tank tops, and researching a price. One member requested the tank tops in a darker shade of blue and there was general agreement from the floor.

Club Volunteer(s) Reports:
Membership — Karen Dulhstine (not present,) from her written report, our membership is at 107.

Newsletter — Sheila McClellan: Deadline for Articles is May 10th.

Website — (David McCarthy) Submitted report: If you have any pictures of a HW walk please submit them to David and he will post them to the web site. His email address is:

Baseball Night: (Marianne Gray) May 18th, 2017 5:30pm Price for Game and Meal – $18.

President’s Report:
(1) Elections. David Golden, Election Committee Chair, not present. Election of Officers – President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Secretary, 2 Member at Large positions. John McClellan is running for President, Dan Spink for Vice-President – are there any other nominations for either position – No. Barbara Anderson is not running for another term as Treasurer. Angela Clavelo has agreed to run, and provided a short bio of her qualifications for the members. Are there any other nominations – No.? We’re very happy Angie has volunteered, the Treasurer submits paperwork to the IRS, the State of Florida and the AVA. Nominations for the position of Secretary – none. The position involves taking minutes at General Membership meetings, attending executive meetings, correspondence. As there were no takers, the election of a Secretary was tabled. Members at Large – Gloria Pratt and Robert Priest have agreed to continue in their positions. Any other nominations? No. Elections concluded.

Our slate for 2017-2019: John, President; Dan VP; Angela, Treasurer; Secretary, Vacant; Gloria and Robert, Member at Large. All those in favor – the ayes have it. Slate has passed. Thank you to all our officers!

(2) AVA Regional Director of the Southeast Region position is coming open. John McClellan is running unopposed for the position. There is precedence, the current SERD is both the President of his local club and SERD. Deborah made the motion to submit John’s name for SERD. Patricia seconded. No nays. Motion Passed. SERD is a 2 year term.

We’ll take a 10 minute break – please look at the proposed submissions for an AVA Mascot, and write your name on your selection.

(3) AVA Elections will take place this June during the convention. Club members Alan & Martha Stollberg are our delegates, we need to give them guidance for the vote. VP and Secretary are running unopposed. President, 2 nominations – J. David Bonewitz and Bob Wright. Discussion ensued with overviews of their bios (handed out.) Treasurer Bob Morrison and Candy Purcell discussion ensued with their bios. AVA By-Law Changes — 4 recommendations to vote on. HW votes to provide the club position on each question to the Stollbergs, but that they retain discretion to use their judgement after listening to any debate or additional information on the floor at the Convention itself.

HW Positions: David for President, Bob for Treasurer, Yes to #1, No to #2,3,4.

(4) General Announcements –

(a) Bike Event May 13th, maps are completed.

(b) Sign up for ball game is closed. 26 have signed up – all paid. Pick-up your ticket at the gate-all gates have the HW roster. Meal 5:30pm

(c) WAF27 – Flyers are on the table. Hotel reservations are open, you must call, you cannot get the WAF rate online. No charge for parking. Breakfast included. 1st walk Friday afternoon, 2nd, 3rd Walk Saturday, 4th Walk Sunday at World Golf Village with lunch. Walk registration will be online by the end of June/early July. Dinner location is 5 miles from the hotel, one vegetarian meal available Eggplant Parmesan. Volunteers will be needed for checkpoints, greeting, registration – sign up will be available online this summer.

(5) Club History Report – A brief overview of the Happy Wanderers 2016 calendar year has been prepared by the President and will be available online soon.

Any New Business from the floor? None.

Next meeting: Thursday, July 6th 6:30 PM

Dinner tonight afterwards at the Tomoka Brewing Co. just across Clyde Morris from here.

Meeting Adjourned. 7:35 p.m.

Business Meeting Minutes
Thursday, March 2, 2017 @ 6:30 PM

President John McClellan welcomed everybody and then called the meeting to order at 6:36 p.m.
21 club members were present, constituting a Quorum.

Meeting Agendas and minutes are on the Tables. Flyers are on the back table. We have two new members who just joined tonight at the Orientation session: Maria and Marie. (Both introduced themselves later in the meeting.)

Secretary’s Report: Sheila McClellan is filling in, please consider volunteering for Secretary. David Golden made a Motion to approve minutes from the January meeting, seconded by Karen Duhlstine. No discussion or changes. All in favor. Minutes approved

Treasurer’s Report: (Barbara Anderson) The 3rd Quarter closing balance was $4,108.29. We are doing well. No questions from the members. David Golden asked if we should vote to accept the Treasurer Report. President John McClellan answered that we provide the Treasurer Report for informational purposes only, so there is no need to approve.

Vice-President’s Report: (Dan Spink) So far this year, we are averaging more than 31 walkers per event on our Wednesday Fun Walks.

Blue Dots are very convenient way to pay for your Sunday walks – no need for walkers to carry cash, POC’s don’t have to collect and turn in $$. Blue Dots are available to purchase from Dan Spink at all walks and meetings. For non-members the cost is $30 for 10 (cash or check accepted.) HW members, $25 for 10.

Club Elections are in May. We still need a Secretary and Treasurer. Please consider volunteering your time. Nominating committee- help executive committee find volunteers for open positions. David Golden volunteered, we need two more individuals to make up the committee. Please consider helping David.

YRE Coordinator Report: (Gloria Pratt) There is a Bike Event March 12th in Port Orange along with the walk that day. The first Bike Event of the year was held in January, but we had only 2 participants due to the cold weather. First Coast Trail Forgers, Jacksonville Volksmarching club, are sponsors a walk at the Washington Oak State Park, March 25th. Sign in between 9AM – 10AM Group Walk starts promptly at 9:30AM. I’ve included the brochure here for your information:

Our Sunday Walk start time will switch to mornings, starting on March 26th. 9 AM for Cocoa Beach, Mount Dora and St. Augustine walks. All others start at 8 AM. See calendar for specific events.

Earth Day is April 22. The Mid-Florida Milers are walking the FVA YRE at Wekiwa Springs State Park and we are invited to join them, so we’ve put the event on our calendar as well. (The information is not on their web site yet – please check their web site in April for more information.)

National Bike Month is May. The Happy Wanderers will hold a 26 KM (16 mile) event in Lake Mary, FL. The main feature of this trail is the murals. Check the HW website and FB page for more information. Flyers for this event are now available.

St. Augustine YRE is this Sunday. We aren’t sure if the area around the Shrine has been repaired. This weekend is Lion Seafood Festival, to avoid the festival suggest everyone take Route 1, Right on Sebastian, Right on A1A, Left on Ocean. Park in Shrine Parking Lot. John suggested taking I-95 to Route 16, (Take note – WAF27 hotel Southern Oaks Inn is on RT 16) Right on San Marco to the Shrine Parking Lot.

Any questions – no questions.

Member-at-Large: Robert Priest – Sent his report to President. Robert is working on buying table drops, pop-up (waterproof) tents, chairs, tables – watching the sales for the best price. One of our yellow Walk Start signs was stolen during the Martin Luther King Event. John is working on replacing the signs.
Club Volunteer(s) Reports:

Membership – Karen Dulhstine Our membership stands at 102, not including the 2 membership forms turned in tonight. After finishing renewals, we are slightly ahead of last year.

Newsletter – Sheila McClellan: deadline for Articles is March 6th. If you want to email me, or another volunteer, got to the web site, contact us for our email addresses:

President’s Report:

Nominating Committee – Chairman David Golden We have one vacancy on the board with no one running – Secretary. Returning John McClellan, President; Dan Spink, Vice-President; Gloria Pratt Member at Large and YRE Coordinator; Robert Priest Member at Large. Angela Clavelo has agreed to run for Treasurer. Groups like this are great but they don’t run themselves. If everyone helps a little bit, it keeps the load reasonable. Board Members meet every other month (months we do not have a General Membership Meeting.)

Baseball Night – Maryann Grey presented the club with several dates available for our annual Happy Wanderers night at the Daytona Tortugas baseball night. Discussed ensued. Tuesday nights was ruled out due to the Silver Slugger cheaper prices for seniors, our HW wouldn’t be able to charge the price we’ve negotiated for game and meal. Wednesday nights was ruled out as HW like to walk. Thursday, May 18th, 2017 5:30pm was approved. Price for Game and Meal – $18. RSVP on the click Calendar. Click sign up. Maryann Grey will be collecting the money. FYI – Parking is $2.

President John McClellan thanked Maryann for organizing our HW Baseball Night. The Bike Event at Lake Mary – Flyers are available on the back table. John will have flyers available at walks. Bring your own – Bikes, Water, Helmets. If you need to rent a Bike, John has suggestions, just ask during a walk.

Walk Around Florida (WAF27) is October 27. 28. 29 St. Augustine, FL. Within the next month, the 1st planning meeting with all three clubs will take place. The hotel has been chosen – Southern Oaks Inn, located 1 mile north of the Shrine. Price $119 a night +taxes. Friday afternoon and Friday Mixer check in will be in the Breakfast Room. The World Golf Village, home of the Golf Hall of Fame, will waive their event $500 fee for us to have an event starting there. The tentative plan for WAF27 walks – Friday YRE, Saturday 2 Routes, 1st Bridge of Lions to the Lighthouse, 2nd Pier Walk – we have maps and directions for both of these walks. Saturday night Diner, 100 attended last year. Sunday 1 Walk World Golf Village, Lunch will be offered. Venue is located near I-95. Gloria Pratt and John investigated pools for a possible Swim Event. Also, considering a bike event. Discussion ensued. Save the Date Flyer on the back table & the web site. President and VP will meet to discuss volunteer positions necessary for the running of WAF27. If the membership has any suggestions / ideas / thoughts: Overall Event Theme and Event Awards. The idea of “Conquer the Castillo” has been proposed as a challenge for walkers to participate in all of the Events, separate award. We will need Registration, Name Badges (with Event Theme design), MFM will be Treasurer for the Event and collect $$. Barbara Anderson reported on some research she has been doing for Dinner venues – most were 65 to 75 seating limit. Discussion ensued.

Online Startbox Walks in Florida – The Mid-Florida Milers have put their (formerly) “remote” registration walks in south Florida on the Online Startbox at (West Palm Beach Walk, Palm Beach Walk, Boca Raton Walk, Delray Beach Walk, Ft. Lauderdale Walk, Miami South Beach Walk, Key West Walk.)

Registration is required and it is accomplished online. To receive walk directions, maps, and driving directions to these walk start points, follow these instructions:

• Go to Online Registration Sign Up. Select Account to establish one or login if you have an account.
• Select a SE Florida walk from available online events.
• Pay $3 for AVA credit or if no AVA credit, the fee is $2, both via Credit Card. You will be electronically signing the normal AAU waiver.
• Download the instructions and walk.
• Once the walk is completed, return to the web site to print insert cards.

If you do not walk, for whatever reason, no refund will be given.

The International Federation of Popular Sports (IVV) has announced two new National Federations: Australia and Romania.

The AVA 20th AVA Biennial Convention June 7th 8th 9th Billings, Montana. For more information:

During the Convention, the AVA recognizes clubs in several categories of “Publicity Contests.” Happy Wanderers have submitted for Best Website, Best Newsletter and Best Event Brochure. The final award is “Photography” and the categories are : People, Places or Things. If you have a photograph of a HW event that you would like to submit, please see the web site for Rules and Entry Form. Deadline April 14th.

Florida Volkssport Association (FVA) awarded the Happy Wanderers a Certificate of Appreciation for our efforts running the Martin Luther King Weekend. President John McClellan was presented the award during the President’s Day Weekend Event in Panama City.

Happy Wanderers 25th Anniversary Visors were given to the AVA Executive Director, AVA President and the SERD (Southeast regional director) and his wife, for their support of the club.

New AVA Bumper Stickers have been designed ~ we have an example on the back table. The price TBD.

As there was no other New Business from the floor, a Motion to Adjourn was approved and the meeting ended at 7:33 PM. Dinner tonight after the meeting will be at Houligans, on Dunlawton Ave.

Next meeting May 4th 6:30 PM General Membership. New member orientation 6:00 PM.

Business Meeting Minutes
Thursday, January 5, 2017 @ 6:30 PM

President John McClellan welcomed everybody and then called the meeting to order at 6:36 p.m. 32 club members were present, constituting a Quorum.

Meeting Agendas and the Minutes of the Nov ’16 meeting are on the tables. YRE Coordinator Gloria Pratt is handing out new green Happy Wanderer brochures and tri-folds for 2017.

Larry Middleton, past Happy Wanderer President and Trailmaster – author of many of our walks – passed away on December 18th of stomach cancer, while in Hospice care. No funeral is planned. As Larry was a Veteran, a military internment will take place at the National Cemetery in Mims, date to be determined.

Jim Lawrence, husband of Alice Lawrence – President of the Suncoast Sandpipers, passed away December 26th, after a long battle with cancer. As the spouse of a club President, Jim has been a long-time volunteer for the Sandpipers and you may have seen him at Walk Around Florida over the years. Memorial Services are planned for Monday, January 9th in Tampa. John will attend and represent the club and the AVA. If you knew Jim, please sign the condolence card at the break.

Secretary’s Report: Sheila McClellan is filling in, please consider volunteering for Secretary. Motion to approve minutes from the November meeting by Karen Duhlstine, seconded by Dave Golden. All in favor. Minutes approved.

Treasurer’s Report: (Barbara Anderson) The 3rd Quarter opening balance was $4,008.97. Memberships are rolling in. We’re doing well with most of our big expenses paid. No questions.

Vice-President’s Report: (Dan Spink) Everyone stand, put your hands over your head in a circle, image your circle is Blue. “Blue Dots” are very convenient way to pay for your Sunday walks – no need for walkers to carry cash, POC’s don’t have to collect and turn in $$. Blue Dots are available to purchase from Dan Spink at all walks and meetings. Discussion ensued on setting the cost in 2017 at $2.50 – a $.50 cent per walk discount for Club Members only. Treasurer, Barbara Anderson made a motion. Barbara Anderson seconded. For non-members the cost is 10 for $30 (cash or check acceptable.) For HW members, 10 for $25. All in favor. Motion passed. Please note you cannot use Blue Dots at a walk sponsored by another Club i.e. Mid-Florida Milers, Suncoast Sandpipers, Walk Around Florida, etc.

Our Annual Food Drive was a success. We collected 4 tubs of food, together with $239.50 in cash and gift cards. Great job Happy Wanderers!
Club Elections are in May We need a Secretary and Treasurer. Please consider volunteering your time. It is time to form a Nominating Committee, to help executive committee find volunteers for open positions. David Golden volunteered to Chair this year. We need two-three more individuals to make up the committee. Please consider helping David, and contact him directly.

YRE Coordinator Report: (Gloria Pratt) New Tri-folds and YRE Brochures are on the tables. They have been updated ~ POC (Point of Contact) changes, Walk & Bike Event in Palm Coast, Bike Event in Port Orange. The Walk, Bike and Swim Event out of the Port Orange YMCA offers the opportunity for a Volksmarcher to complete a Triathlon.

What are Special Programs – Buy a book for a Special Program, then look at a Walk Map, at the top it will list all the Special Programs the walk qualifies for. For instance, Boardwalks. The Happy Wanderers have 7 walks (half the required amount) that qualify. Overall, our walks cover 29 of the Special Programs.

Our Past President, Larry Middleton, was a long-time POC of the New Smyrna Beach walk. We thank Joanne Wright for Volunteering to take over as POC. Robert St. Hilaire is now our Palm Coast Walk and Bike POC. Isabella Marshall has stepped away from POC of the Mt. Dora Walk. We thank Dan Spink for taking over the Mt. Dora POC position. We are looking for a Mt. Dora POC – maintaining the box requires a few hours every quarter. The Happy Wanderers maintain 13 locations and 16 events.

President John McClellan thanked Gloria, as YRE coordinator and all of our POC’s – our Walk Boxes are well appointed and our reputation Nationally is very good. Thanks for your hard work!

Scheduling- No YRE (Group Walk) MLK Weekend. Look at the Web site for the MLK Weekend Brochure. First Joint Walk/Bike Event will take place January 29th. Registration Begins: 12:30 PM

Walk & Bike Starts: 1:00 PM. The Port Orange Walk/Bike/Swim YRE – Sunday March 12th Registration Begins: 12:30 PM Walk, Bike & Swim Starts: 1:00 PM. Start times on Sunday will change to mornings – March 26th Mt. Dora 9:00AM.
First Coast Trail Forgers – Washington Oak State Park Sat. March 25th sign-in between 9AM and 10AM. The Group Walk begins at 9:30AM. Check the brochure for more information:

Office Depot – do you have unused reward points? Please donate your rewards to HW. To do this, just give them John Mc phone number 781-686-0660 or Gloria Pratt’s. Or if you don’t have a Rewards account but are making a purchase – when they ask if you have an account – say yes and give John’s number. Many club members do this, recently Gloria could purchase two new walk boxes with points. Any questions – no questions.

Member at Large – Robert Priest – HW Winter Long Sleeve T-shirts and Sweatshirts have been ordered – quantities are limited. Flyers, to reserve your size, are being handed out – please fill out and turn into Robert. The long sleeve T-shirts are $18, the sweatshirts are $20.

Specialities Coordinator – Maureen reported clothing items are available from her at all walks she attends. The complete Boutique is available the 1st Wednesday of the month walk.

President John McClellan thanked Robert Priest for his great work at getting our clothing items at a great price! Questions? No questions.
Break for Cookies and MLK Weekend Volunteer Sign-Up, and signing condolences card.

Club Volunteer(s) Reports:
Membership – It’s renewal season – please renew your membership. The current paid membership count stands at 62. Total number of members at the end of 2016 was 140. Six individuals paid for membership in the last quarter of 2016 and were rolled over to 2017, 8 members are Honorary Members and 10 individuals have stated that they are not renewing.

Newsletter – Sheila McClellan: deadline for articles for the next edition is January 8th.

Web Site – Our web host for the past 2 years, Host Gator, had our web site on a temporary URL and without notice converted the URL to a permanent one, causing the site to crash. Our Webmaster, David McCarthy worked 2 days to get our site back up and running. Hats off to David!

Publicity – Mary Ann Westbrook: Publicity for our Walks, through next month, have been submitted to the local papers. Mary Ann is in the process of contacting the local St. Augustine paper, to be able submit our St. Augustine walk information. The President noted he had seen our information in the local Halifax Magazine under the Health events calendar, he thanked Mary Ann for her efforts increasing our exposure. Mary Ann thanked John but pointed our Karen Duhlstine, as Publicity, first started submitting to Halifax Magazine. Thank you Karen.

President’s Report – John McClellan is preparing a Happy Wanderers History Report Year for 2016. Membership was up by the end of 2016. Our HW MeetUp site now has 498 members. (Editor’s Note: everyone who joins the HW Meet-Up site receives a welcome note from John.) Despite membership being up, our total paid walkers for the year is down from 2015. However, out of the 220+ clubs in USA, we rank in the top 10 for activity.
Flyers advertising the HW Club are available, please take a flyer and put it up at your office break room, coffee shop community bulletin board, HOA clubhouse community bulletin board – anywhere you can. A question was asked about the YMCA, John reported they do not have a community board. Pick up a few business cards from Dan Spink to put on tables if no board is available.

Walk Around Florida 2017 (WAF27) – The Happy Wanderers are the Lead Club!! This is going to be an exciting event. The buzz from other clubs is very positive, people are looking forward to walking in St. Augustine – 4 walk weekend – this Event will take months to plan. John McClellan is volunteering to be the Chairperson but he will need a lot of help. Please talk to John about helping – many hands make light work. This summer the Volunteer sign-up will be on the web site, many Volunteer positions to be filled. We will have help from our sister clubs – Mid-Florida Milers and Suncoast Sandpipers, but we will be the lead club. Gloria and John have researched hotels and have prepared a short list. The exact dates of WAF have yet to be determined. The deadline for the AVA Newspaper, the TAW, for its Apr/May issue is Feb. 25th – a decision will be made by then –considering: last weekend of October, first weekend of November 2017. The Suncoast Sandpipers suggested late November to able to see the Holiday lights. Karen Duhlstine has provided the HW 2011 St. Augustine Flyers to John. Besides walks, we will host a dinner. Another club will provide finance support. It has been suggested a walk be at the World Golf Village – members of the First Coast Trail Forgers have volunteered to help John research. After all this talk of work, Dan Spink reported WAF is a lot of fun! The people, the walks – a great time is always had by all.

MLK WEEKEND – January 14,15,16. Volunteer sign-pp Sheet is on the table. Start time for Blue Spring State Park is between 8AM and 11AM. Please arrive between 8AM and 8:30AM, due to heavy traffic expected. If arriving after 10AM, the car backup on the incoming road has been 20 cars deep in the past. DeLeon State Park is known for the Pancake Restaurant – make reservations before you start walking. Monday’s walk in Deland is a relatively new route – with just some overlap of the current YRE – like the murals.

President’s Day Weekend (Note: the HW Walk is Sunday Feb. 19 Ponce Inlet at 1PM) If you are looking for a weekend get-away – the Emerald Coast Volkssport Club and Pensacola Volkssport Club are hosting a 6-Walk Weekend – February 17-20. Check out the flyer for more information:
Any suggestions for a Traditional Event between February and November? No suggestions heard.

Bike Event – Greg Peal, new member Titusville, FL, and John checked out the Beresford State Park for a future event – TBD. Any interest in a Bike event? – resounding YES from the members. Volusia County is working on the Rail Trail, eventually connecting DeLeon State Park to Titusville, FL.

Possible future Walk Doris Leaper Discussion. Buggy in the summer.

Remote Walks – AVA (American Volkssporting Associated) has been piloting online Start Boxes for 2 years in California (phase 1). Register for walk, pay online (through PayPal – you do not need to have an account to enter your credit card), download map, print electronic insert cards for your books. Phase 2 is now being launched in locations across the Country, including Florida. The Mid-Florida Milers have put their Southeast Florida Atlantic Coast walks online, these include: West Palm Beach Walk, Palm Beach Walk, Boca Raton Walk, Delray Beach Walk, Ft. Lauderdale Walk, Miami South Beach Walk, Key West Walk. The AVA Online Start Box is found at:

New Business – The President opened the floor to the members.

Dick Wright mentioned an upcoming change in prices for Seniors for Annual Passes to our National Parks – from $10 to $80, starting next year! We’ll check this and report back on exact change and timing. John mentioned that you can also buy annual passes to the Florida State Parks.
Dinner afterwards tonight will be at Chili’s, on Dunlawton Ave. near Countryside.

Next Meeting: Thursday, March 2nd 2017 @ 6:30pm.
Meeting Adjourned at 7:40 PM.

hwlogosmHappy Wanderers Volkssport Club
General Membership Meeting
November 10, 2016

President John McClellan called the meeting to order at 6:35 PM. There was a quorum present. (137 members = 14 needed; 18 signed-in.)

Secretary’s Report. The Secretary was not present. Copies of September minutes are on the tables. Karen Duhlstine made a motion to accept the minutes. Angie seconded. Motion passed.

Treasurer’s Report. Barb reported club balance $3639.87. membership and the annual Post Office box rent were renewed. John added that our IRS Form 990-E electronic “postcard” filing for fiscal year ending 30 June 2015 has been filed.

Vice-President’s Report. The Positions of Treasurer and Secretary Positions need to be filled in May 2017 and take office in July. Please consider volunteering! We cannot operate the club without a President and Treasurer. Our President needs your help. If you’d like more information, please ask John McClellan or Dan Spink.

Our annual holiday food drive is now in progress. Canned goods (meat, fruit) welcome. Gift cards accepted –
a number of homeless children need necessities; gift cards will be used. Do NOT write a check to the Happy Wanderers. Cash, Gift Card or check made out to The Port Orange Presbyterian Church – Memo line: Annual Food Drive.

Christmas Party – December 16th 7 – 10 PM; $25 ticket – if you attended last year, your price is $20.00

At the VFW – 5820 South Williamson Blvd. Port Orange FL. Chairwoman Isabella reported Christmas Party Preparations are underway. Caterer will be Dustin’s BBQ, if we have 50 + attendees Dusin’s will serve.
All attendees are asked to bring a dessert. We’ll have a skit & games. Volunteer to be in the skit – 8 people needed, so far Eddie, Dan, Sheila – let’s go frustrated Thespians! She can’t do it alone — she needs committee members.

Click on this link for the flyer ~ print it out, tear off the lower third:  
Make check made payable to: Happy Wanderers Walking Club, Inc.
Mail no later than Nov 30, 2016 and please put “XMAS Party” in the memo line.
Mail to: 1925 Van Cleef Road ● Deland FL ● 32720

YRE Coordinator Report. Gloria reminded members to please note the different start times for our Christmas Lights Walks in December: December 4th 2PM Mount Dora; December 18th 2PM St. Augustine

St. Augustine experience damage from Hurricane Matthew – during walk, the route might be adjusted. FYI – Our former Start box host – The Shrine Gift Shop, is closed due to water damage.

No HW New Year’s Eve Day Walk Dec. 31, 2016.

Holiday Weekends – it has been club policy not to have a Sunday Walk scheduled during a long weekend. What does the club think about this policy? Discussion ensued. YRE coordinator will schedule one walk over a holiday weekend – we will evaluate the turn out.

The Mid-Florida Milers New Year’s Day Walk at Disney. Look here for more info:
For 2017, The Happy Wanderers will have 13 Walks, 2 Bike Routes and 1 Swim event Sanctioned with the AVA.
AVA has two new Special Programs for 2017 Ice Cream Parlors and Underground Railroad.

MLK Weekend January 14, 15,16 2017 3 Walk Weekend. No Group Walk scheduled.

Member-at- Large. Not present. John McClellan gave report – 25th Anniversary Visors are ordered. Will be distributed during Christmas party and during the January Walks. Winter Apparel – working on the long sleeve T-shirts. Flashlights! Don’t forget to bring your flashlight to the Wednesday Fun Walk.

Specialties. T-shirts are available at every walk – just ask Maureen. Boutique store is available 1st Wednesday walk of every month. HW brought IVV Event and Distance books to the WAF26, we made $82 in sales.

Membership. The Happy Wanderers Membership is at 137 members. Dues ($15/individual $20/family) are due now. If you joined in Oct., Nov., or Dec. – you are paid through 2017 (nothing due at this time.)

Website. Would you like to see something added to the web site, please email David McCarthy

President’s Report. WAF26. Weather was fantastic. Almost 100 walkers attended each of the 4 walks. The event is in the Black financially, exact numbers soon. Discussion ensued on the fun everyone had. WAF 2017 – The Happy Wanderers will be hosting, St. Augustine, FL.

FVA – Florida Volkssporting Association – Annual meeting was held immediately following the WAF26 event. President John McClellan and Vice-President Dan Spink attended. Several Board positions are termed out. A request was made for applicants

Nov 19th The Mid-Florida Milers are walking our YRE. DeLand Library 130 E. Howry Ave. DeLand FL 32724 Meet in the parking lot. Start between 9:30 and 10:00am. No Group Walk.
The Deland Art Festival is taking place that day.

Nov. 25th Opt-Outside Black Friday – 2 years ago REI started a movement – all stores are closed on Black Friday and its employees get a paid day off to #OptOutside. Join the movement – instead on shopping, go for a walk! Join the Mid-Florida Milers on Black Friday Nov. 25th meet at 8:30AM @ Blue Spring State Park – walk at 9AM. This is a group walk. No food provided. POC Bill Ellis.

MLK Weekend. Saturday, Sunday, Monday – January 16, 17, 18; 2017. Planning is underway for a 3 walk weekend.

Saturday – Blue Spring State Park, Sunday – DeLeon Springs State Park & Monday – Deland, FL (FYI – the Deland walk will be slightly different walk than our usual YRE walk.) No social events planned. No meals planned. No pre-registration. Volunteers will be needed, please check web site (not yet) for positions and times. In the past, Flora-Bama (Orange Beach AL – ended 2 years ago after 20 years of hosting) MLK weekend attracted 300 participants. We’re not going to get those number our first-year hosting but the hope is to be the destination for out of state Volksmarchers who want a January Florida Weekend.

Print out brochure for Times and Directions:

President’s Weekend February 17, 18, 19 Panama City Beach FL The Emerald Coast Volkssport Club & The Pensacola Volkssport Club are hosting 6 Walks on or near sugar white sands around the Panama City Beach area. One on Friday, Two on Saturday, Two on Sunday and one Monday, plus nearby YRE’s. Print out brochure for times and directions:

Are you interested in attending but don’t want to drive 450 miles? The Mid-Florida Milers are considering running a BUS Cost $105/per person. Bus will pick up in Port Orange, drive to Orlando pick up Milers and be on our way.
They need to know ASAP. Send an email to: now. Mail a deposit of $60, make check out to the Mid-Florida Milers – memo line: President’s Day Bus Trip.

AVA American Volkssporting Association has a new DBA (Doing Business As) name: AVA:America’s Walking Club. Watch for the new tag line, same organization. The National Board Meeting of the AVA is taking place in January. Does anyone have an issue they would like to bring to the AVA attention? No issues for the AVA.

SE RD (Southeast Regional Director) attended WAF26 – he announced he was running for AVA President. (His term as RD has termed out.) 2 people are now running, the other Bob Wright, Maryland.) HW will vote at the March Meeting and let the Stollberg’s know who we want them to vote for.

AVA 2017 Convention will be held in Billings, MT June 7th – 9th. HW Members Alan and Martha Stollberg (West Palm Beach) are attending the convention and have agreed to attend the meeting and make the HW Vote. Thank you, Alan and Martha!

This holiday season, when shopping online, make a contribution to the AVA or a different charity of your choice.
Amazon Smile: or GoodShop powered by Google:

Any New Business? No new business.

Dan Spink motioned to adjourn the HW General Membership Meeting. Barbara Anderson seconded. Motion Passed.
The Happy Wanderers General Membership ended 7:25PM.

The next meeting will be January 5th, 2017 6:30PM Port Orange Presbyterian Church Port Orange, FL.

Business Meeting Minutes
Thursday, September 8, 2016 @ 6:30 PM

President John McClellan welcomed everybody and called the meeting to order at 6:36 pm, affirming that a quorum existed. (21 of 129 members present)

Secretary’s Report: Secretary was not present. Copies of July minutes are on the tables, and posted to our website. Dan Spink made a motion to accept the minutes. Mary-Ann Westbrook seconded. Motioned passed.

Treasurer Report: Reported club balance $3,973.00 recent payments include our insurance bill for Fun Walks, which has increased to $400/yr, and last quarter’s AVA walk fees.

Vice-President Report:
(1) Treasurer and Secretary Positions are open in July. Please consider volunteering.
If you’d like more information, please ask John McClellan or Dan Spinks.

(2) Christmas Party – December 16th 7 – 10 PM $25, in the Banquet Room of the VFW, 5820 South Williamson Blvd. Port Orange FL. Chairwoman Isabella Marshall reported Christmas Party preparations are underway. She can’t do it alone — committee members are needed!!

Discounts — if you attended last year, your price is $20.
sign up by October 31, 2016 and receive a 10% discount.

Caterer will be Dustin’s BBQ. If we have 50 + attendees, Dustin’s will serve. All attendees are asked to bring a dessert. We’ll have a skit, games, and crafts. If you have any excess Christmas Cards that you would like to donate to the Military, please bring them. During the evening we’ll fill them out. We need a volunteer to mail, Isabella has the address. Volunteers to be in the skit – 8 people needed, so far Eddie, Dan, Sheila – come on Thespian wanabees! Here’s the flyer ~ print it out, tear off the lower third:

YRE Coordinator’s Report: Our 4th Quarter Walk Schedule has been distributed and is on the web site. (The Calendar Print Version is under construction.)

(1) October 1st, 2016 The Starting Point for the St. Augustine YRE is changing! The Start Box will be across the street at the Double Tree by Hilton Hotel St. Augustine Historic District-116 San Marco Avenue, St Augustine, FL. Park in large parking lot at 27 Ocean Ave and carefully cross the street.

(2) October 22 – Join the Mid Florida Milers Traditional Event in Sanford 5K &10K start between 9:00-10:00 am. Sign up for lunch here:

(3) Veterans Day Friday November 11, 2016 Traditional Walk Torch Walk. POC needed!! Ask Gloria or John or Dan for more information on being a POC for this yearly walk.

(4) Walk Around Florida (WAF) 26 – WAF26 Tampa Trails & Havana Nights
November 4 to November 6 2016. If you are attending, please consider giving 2 hours of your time to volunteer and help run this event.

Sign up here:
Ask John McClellan, if you have any questions.

(5) No Happy Wanderers New Year’s Eve Day Walk Dec. 31, 2016. Start your year with a walk! Join the Mid-Florida Milers New Year’s Day Walk at Disney. Look for time and start point on their web site – it’s not on there yet but keep checking:

(6) For 2017, The Happy Wanderers will have 13 Walks, 2 Bike Routes and 1 Swim event Sanctioned with the AVA.

(7) AVA has two new Special Programs for 2017
Ice Cream Parlors – starts January 1, 2017 and book sales continue until December, 31, 2019. Participation and redemption of this book will end December 31, 2020.
Underground Railroad starts January 1, 2017 and book sales continue until December, 31, 2019. Participation and redemption of this book will end December 31, 2020.

(8) MLK Weekend January 16,17,18 2017 Planning is underway for a 3 walk weekend – Blue Springs, DeLeon Springs and a third walk, to be determined.

Member-at-Large: (Robert Priest)
We have a new supplier for our Boutique. Looking for ideas for our winter boutique – if you have any ideas let Robert or Maureen know. One idea – Flashlights with our logo. Our new supplier can provide long sleeve T-shirts but the colors available are limited. Discussion, and a list circulated to collect member’s ideas for new apparel or accessories.

President John McClellan called a break. Vice President Dan Spink invited everyone to come up and enjoy a cookie. Next to the cookies, members found the sign-up sheet for the Port Orange Family Days 2016 all openings were filled. THANK YOU!!!

President’s Report:
(1) Family Days 1-2 OCT. Flyers for Family Days are available on the table.
Triathlon sign up ends September 23rd. Triathlon Medals are available for the first 25 to sign up.

(2) WAF26. The Barrymore 813-223-1351 is filling up fast, call soon to make your reservation. When filling out the Registration, only check one box for a cigar box award – there is only one award for the whole weekend. If you are attending WAF26, please give 2 hours of your time to help run the event. Sign up here:

(3) Membership: The Happy Wanderers membership count is 131 members.

(4) Wednesday Fun Walks. In the past year, 20% (30) of the new walkers (150) on Wednesday became members.

(5) Web Site – Would you like to see something added to the web site, please email David McCarthy.

(6) Planning Meeting for 2017 – A really productive and informative meeting. Thank you to all who attended. Discussed the MLK weekend. The Palm Coast Walk and Bike. Decided to limit the Traditional Events for 2017 to MLK, Veterans Day and Walk Around Florida.

(7) AVA 2017 Convention will be held in Billings, MT June 7th – 9th. Hotel is fully booked; for reference (to find another hotel nearby) its located at 1223 Mullowney lane Billings, MT. Members Alan and Martha Stollberg are attending the convention and have agreed to be our club delegate for voting. This will involve sitting in on meetings – Thank you Alan and Martha!

(8) WAF 2017. The Happy Wanderers will be hosting. General discussion on possible location.
Dan Spink made a motion for the location to be St. Augustine, FL.
Isabella seconded the motion. Motion Passed. (Unanimous vote.)

No further New Business from the Audience was heard.
Dinner afterwards will be at Houligan’s.

The next meeting will be November 10, 2016.

Dee Covey made a motion to adjourn. Patti Martinez seconded.
Meeting Adjourned.

Business Meeting Minutes
Thursday, July 7, 2016 @ 6:30 PM

President John McClellan welcomed everybody and called the meeting to order at 6:32 pm, affirming that a quorum existed. (16 of 126 members present)

Secretary’s Report: (Sheila McClellan sitting in for Marie Priest.) Minutes of the last meeting on 5 May 2016 are on the table and are on the web site, though were only posted yesterday. Barbara Anderson made the motion to accept Seconded by Eddie Marshall. Motion Passed.

Treasurer’s Report: (Barb Anderson). Barb reported that our start of 4th Quarter (1 Apr) balance was $ 5,608; and our end of 4th Quarter / End of FY16 balance (30 June) was $ 4,486. Summer participation is down due to the heat and so this is not unusual. Some of our expenditures included AVA Event fees paid for 1 Jan – 31 Mar, printing costs, storeroom rent and reserving our booth for Port Orange Family Days. The club insurance bill has yet to be paid. John added that the IRS changed web applications this year and as a registered 501 c.(4) with annual income below $50k, we were required to re-enroll in the new system for the annual Form 990-e filing. We have successfully registered, and will make our 2016 filing between now and 15 Nov, now that the FY has ended.

Vice-President’s Report: (Dan Spink) Participation in May and June for our Wednesday Walks averaged 23 walkers. Karen (membership) contacted Dan before the meeting and membership stands at 126 Members. (A note was made that at this time last year we were under 100.)
Dan thanked our new Specialty Chair, Maureen Higgins, for setting up the Boutique at the Wed walk on July 6th and at the tonight’s meeting. Maureen asked if HW wanted the T-shirts sold more often the once a month. General agreement was that this would be nice. She also reported we are out of Ladies Medium.

Dan discussed the need for Volunteers at events the club is planning for this fall: Port Orange Family Days and WAF26. We have a Booth for Family Days (Oct 1/2) and will man this both day. Robert Priest is coordinating with John McClellan on planning. If you wish to Volunteer, please let Robert know. Also, a sign-up will be on the web site at a later date.

YRE Coordinator Report: (Gloria Pratt) Patches for the AVA 40th Anniversary are still on sale – see specialties coordinator to purchase yours. (John had the remaining patches and passed them to Maureen, via Dan…)

The First Coast Trail Forgers of Jacksonville, FL has discontinued their practice of “free walkers” and will now charge $3.00 per participant as we do. More on this later.
We have received permission from the Double Tree Hilton Hotel St. Augustine Historic District to host our YRE Start Box starting in October 2016. The change will give our walkers better availability hours. If anyone knows when we started having the Start Box at the Shrine of our Lady of Leche, please let Gloria Pratt know for their Certificate of Appreciation. (Lois Shannon later said that she did the walk from there as far back as 1998.)

The Palm Coast YRE will re-start in 2017 and has a new POC – thank you to Robert St. Hillare. Gloria is also working on the renewals for our 13 current YRE’s, due August 31st.
Port Orange Family Days is October 1st and 2nd.

Oct 22nd The Mid-Florida Milers, our sister volksmarching club in Orlando, will host a Traditional Event in Sanford. They would like to co-host with the Happy Wanderers if you can volunteer. Start Point will be the Willow Tree Restaurant. (FYI- The Happy Wanderers will be walking their YRE walk on Sept. 11th.)

Nov 4th, 5th, 6th mark your Calendars for WAF26 (Walk Around Florida). If you have already reserved a hotel room, please see John McClellan for a Registration Packet. WAF26 Volunteer sign on web site in August. Over 50 volunteers will be needed to run this weekend event ~ while enjoying the walks, please also sign up for to volunteer. Check our Web site for more information.
POCs are needed for both our Veteran’s Day (Friday Nov 11th) and New Year’s Eve (Saturday 31 Dec) walks.

Member-at-Large Report: (Robert Priest) showed an example of the medal he will be ordering for the Triathlon Event during Port Orange Family Days. Pre-Registration for the Triathlon will be mandatory, to order the correct number of medals. Two price points for Triathlon – one with medal/one without. Negotiating with a nutritionist to talk at our Family Days booth about nutrition. Also, to maybe offer blood pressure screenings.

Lois Shannon asked for a letter of appreciation be sent to the longtime former Palm Coast YRE POC’s.

Dan reminded all that we will need volunteers to man the booth Saturday 9am – 5 pm / Sunday 11am-4pm. Please consider giving 2 hours of your time to talk to people about our walks/help sell T-shirts. John added that the activities will include a guided bike ride on Saturday and walks Saturday morning and Sunday morning. Checkpoint volunteers will be needed. We are working with the Port Orange YMCA to arrange waiving the “guest” fee for accessing the pool for the swim event. The idea is to have a non-competitive Triathlon – Walk/Bike/Swim, in the tradition of volkssporting. The City of Port Orange is printing 13,000 flyers to promote Family Days, this is a major opportunity to increase our membership. Wear your club apparel!

Club Volunteer(s) Reports: (By exception)

VP reported for Publicity – Walk Schedule through to September is out to the papers.
VP reported for Web site – Walk Schedule is on web site through September
Newsletter – Please have any submissions to Sheila McClellan by July 14th.

President’s Report: (John McClellan) John attended the AVA National Executive Council (NEC) meeting while in Texas for the 40th Anniversary of the first sanctioned volksmarch in America. The AVA Strategic 5 Year Plan has been approved by the NEC and apportioned out to the Standing Committees to set targets for each strategic goal/objective and start implementing.
On the motions concerning Free Walkers and Raising Walk fees, both were defeated. Free Walkers will continue to be permitted, without clubs having to pay the $1.25 to AVA for their participation (vote: 7-6), and the cap of $3.00 for event fees remains in place (vote: 9-4)
Online Start Box for YRE’s – Trial is in progress. It was first rolled out 2 years ago in California. Register, pay, download map, and then print a stamped insert card using an online interface. Phase 2 to begin shortly in other states. The FVA (Florida Volksmarching Association) is looking into possibly implementing Online Start Boxes for their State Park Walks. The Mid-Florida Milers for some of their South Florida Walks, which are already run by remote “mail in” registration due to the distances involved.

A Planning Meeting for 2017 is scheduled for Saturday, 6 Aug from 9 AM to Noon at the “Lots of Panache” Bistro on Clyde Morris Blvd. All members are invited. Help your club plan for 2017. New voices welcome.

The Happy Wanderers are the lead club for WAF27 in ‘17. We will be picking the dates, location, hotel, planning the walks and the group dinner Saturday night. We need creative ideas for a location and theme. The locations currently under consideration are Daytona Beach, the Palm Beach area south of us, and St. Augustine, where we hosted back in 2011. At the WAF26 meeting in June, members of the other clubs expressed a very favorable impression of St. Augustine and how well HW did running those events in ’11. Lois Shannon also suggested looking at Tallahassee. Daytona is close to home, but so far John has had no luck getting the International Speedway Special Events guy to talk about our idea of walking on the track itself. Seems unlikely we can get this. Palm Beach would be a “new” location for all (+) but is a long drive for all clubs. St. Augustine is well-like, closer to Jacksonville, the northern FL clubs, and the rest of the USA, and we have “been there, done that” and have files on those walks. After some further discussion, John stated that we’d vote at the next meeting in September.

Christmas Party planning committee members are needed. Choose the food, place, collect the $$, decorate. During this discussion, some members expressed concern that $30 each / $60 per couple that has been charged the last 2 years is too expensive, and that we should consider reducing the cost by using the “pot luck” format. John asked whether members preferred the “no work / volunteer reward” approach, or the “pot luck / reduced cost” option. Members appeared to be leaning towards the latter.

The special 25th Anniversary Program books are no longer for sale. You can keep stamping the books until Dec. 31st Visors will be ordered at that time. Your finished 25th anniversary books may be given to any officer.

The President opened floor for any further new business. Gloria asked the chair to recognize our new members: Delores Browning and Sue Hockenberry.

Lois Shannon Motioned to Adjourn. Seconded by Sheila McClellan. Motion Passed. Meeting adjourned at 7:45 PM.
Where to Eat: Houligan’s, on Dunlawton.

Business Meeting Minutes
Thursday, May 5, 2016 @ 6:30 PM

President John McClellan welcomed everybody and called the meeting to order at 6:35 pm, affirming that a quorum existed. (15 of 115 members present)

Secretary’s Report: Marie Priest verified that all officers were present. A motion then was given and also second to approve the minutes of the last membership meeting. Motion Passed.

Treasurer’s Report: Barbara Anderson announced the following:

• 4th Quarter started with $5,608
• April’s income was $414 while the month’s expenses were $457
• Balance at 4/30/16 ended with $5,565

Notes overall included: The club’s annual Insurance expense of $300 was upcoming, and the trip to Savannah ended in the black.

Vice-President’s Report: Dan Spink spoke about the need for volunteers to run the Boutique and stated he had been in contact with some prospects.

Fun walks continue to do well with the average Wednesday walk count around 33 in March and April. He went on to state that a new idea for the Wednesday walks was to incorporate different themes rotating each week: Boutique, Wear club apparel, Bring a Friend and a 50/50 raffle.

Sunday walks are now on the summer time schedule with most starting at 8AM. Terry Kennedy stepped up to run an upcoming Ice Cream Walk at Venetian Bay in NSB. Port Orange Family Days/Saturday & Sunday Oct 1st and 2d – the Club will need assistance to run the walk during that time and also alternate with the booth sitting that will be needed. November 4th-6th is the WAF 26 in Tampa, which falls on a Friday, Saturday and Sunday. The Barrymore Hotel has been selected to host the event.

YRE Coordinator Report: Gloria Pratt announced that Isabella Marshall had volunteered to be the new POC’s for the Mt. Dora walk and also be the back-up team for DeLand. As a reminder the Wednesday night walks in June, July and August will start at 7PM. AVA has 2 new Special Programs starting in 2017 – Ice Cream Parlors and Underground Railroads.

The club’s Daytona Tortugas baseball game social on May 26th has to date, 25 paid participants. The tickets are $17 each. At the gate in the front entrance all paid will be asked to check in and each guest will be asked to wear a wrist band. Parking fee is $2.00. A shout out of thanks went out to Marianne Gray for setting up the game again this year, and all the club’s hard working volunteers.

Member-at-Large Report: Robert Priest stated that the vendor’s prices for our Ladies T-shirts had increased by $3.00. As a result, the club will now price our shirts at $18 each and 2/$35 except those that were ordered in advance at the original price point. At this time he was researching other vendors and will keep the board/members informed. A second order would be placed soon. Also for those who did not know, the order form is on-line.

Club Volunteer(s) Reports:
Membership-To date there were 115 club members.

Newsletter– Sheila McClellan reminded all that the newsletter deadline was on Sunday and she would need all those with information to have it to her by that date.

President’s Report: John McClellan

Membership Roster – As a result of the floor motion from the March meeting, there is now an official club contacts roster available. A handful of members did opt-out of being listed.
Please contact Karen if you are interested in receiving a copy.

AVA’s “Big Give” – Goal is $50,000 and as of yesterday $37,000 had been collected. If you are interested, you can still donate on-line and the cut-off date is May 31st. Monies collected will be used by the AVA for ongoing operation s to include things like work on the data base upgrade and to implement new recommendations from the Strategic Planning effort.

Hontoon Island – The “adopt a post” effort to repair/replace the FVA signposts netted $200+ which more than paid for the cost of materials. With volunteers from HW, MFM and FVA board members, 11 new signposts were installed. Thanks to all the donors, the volunteer workers and the Park administration, this project was a big success!

WAF 26 – is Nov 4—6 this year and being hosted by the Suncoast Sandpipers. HW have responsibility for the Sunday morning walk operation, and the overall Volunteer coordination effort, among other duties. 50 to 60 volunteers are needed overall to run the weekend and HW will need to step-up and do our part. The volunteer sign-up will be online later this year.

WAF 27 – in 2017 will be hosted by the Happy Wanderers. We need to decide on a location by Sept. meeting. Ideas so far include here in Daytona with the Int’l. Speedway, and the Palm Beaches area. We will need a nomination to take to Tampa in November as the next event location is usually announced at the end of the Saturday night dinner,

Executive Council Elections – Every 2 years (Next Year). Please start thinking about participating. We’ll have a Nominating Committee in January. All board positions are available and we will need a new club Treasurer, as Barbara Anderson will have served 3 years and is not running again. This is a key position and we are already looking for qualified applicants.

X-Mas Party – Volunteers are needed to form a planning committee for our annual gathering. See John (President) or Dan (Vice-President) Only 233 days until Christmas!! – We are now in our 2d 6-months term and doing very well. There are 275 people in the online group, and at least 15 have joined the HW as dues-paying members.

Port Orange Swim Event – Saturday & Sunday afternoons only $3 for Non-YMCA members
300 meters = 6 laps. The stamp for those interested is located at the Port Orange location only.

Final Business:

Next Meeting: Thursday, July 7th, 2016 @ 6:30pm
Two Motions with All in Favor to Adjourn: 7:25PM

Where to Eat: Selection – Applebee’s

Business Meeting Minutes
Thursday, March 3, 2016 @ 6:30 PM

President John McClellan welcomed everybody and then called the meeting to order at 6:36 p.m. 32 club members were present, constituting a Quorum.

Secretary’s Report: Minutes were not posted to Webmaster by President; therefore, they were not available for review.

Treasurer’s Report: (Barbara Anderson) The 3rd Quarter’s opening balance was $4,903.35 Ending balance on 3/1/2016, was $6585.95.

January / February Expenses: AVA YRE walker fees, sanction fee for the Palatka Walk and Award, office supplies, printing, postage and monthly storage unit rental fee.

January / February Income: YRE Walk fees, membership renewals, new members, and sales of t-shirts, special 25th Anniversary books and AVA walk books. The higher monetary levels of income and expenses during the February due to Savannah Bus Trip Collections and payments.

Vice-President’s Report: (Dan Spink) Encouraged all members to volunteer. One volunteer position open for this Sunday’s Traditional Event. A Boutique Volunteer is still needed –duties include selling the club items at one Sunday and one Wednesday walk a month. Please consider supporting your club.

YRE Coordinator Report: (Gloria Pratt) Palatka (Ravine Gardens) Traditional Walk Sun Mar 6th. Bus Trip to Savannah 11-13 Mar. No HW walk is scheduled for Mar 13th. To walk on your own, pick one of our 11 YRE. The Start Box locations are listed on the Webpage. Go to the Start Point. Fill out the Log book. Get the Map. Walk. Have questions, please call any officer, numbers are on the Webpage. Next FVA (Florida Volkssport Assoc.) MTG April 2016, maybe at MFM Hontoon Island GW. IVV World Walking Day SUN 8 May Group Walk Daytona Beach City Island. SAT 4 Jun, Walk & Bike Events in Palm Coast. Traditional Event Volunteers will be needed. AVA 40th Anniversary Commemorative Walk Fredericksburg TX 10 – 12 JUN. HW will honor the 40th Anniversary of the AVA with a walk SUN 12 Jun Flagler Beach Sept/Oct – HW 25th Anniversary Walk Port Orange during Family Days. HW will have a booth – volunteers needed! The Veterans Memorial Bridge in Daytona Beach, which carries Orange Avenue over the Halifax River to Silver Beach Avenue, will be torn down and replaced. The 11 km route will rerouted to avoid the bridge during construction. The 5km directions will not be effected. Still need a POC (Point of Contact) for the Mount Dora YRE.To learn more about the job of POC you may ask Gloria Pratt, YRE Coordinator. In June, the Wednesday 7PM Ice Cream Walks resume. WAF26 4-6 Nov in Tampa FL — SAVE THE DATE!

Club Volunteer(s) Reports:

Membership – The current paid membership count stands at 97.
Newsletter – Sheila McClellan: deadline for Articles is March 8th. In honor of the 25th Anniversary, anyone may submit a story about their Volksmarching experience – first walk or how you found the Happy Wanderers. This month look for a story from the first HW President Joe Sexton.

President’s Report:
President John McClellan introduced guest speaker, Amy Pope, Anytime Fitness Personal Trainer.
Certified Athletic Trainer.
Happy to see an active group. Reminded everyone to walk their own gait, not to over stride to keep up. Shoes should feel right immediately, don’t break them in. Everyone’s arch is different, try on many different brands to find the right fit for you. Amy encouraged gentle stretching throughout the day. Most people do not Recover well after exercising. Exercise causes little tears in ligaments, fluid then fills in and most of the time drains out. Sometimes fluid gets stuck, fluid that does not drain, will break down good tissue – massage can help. Also, try Anytime Fitness Recovery Class Saturdays, 11:30AM (ten classes for $75 – Try One Class Free.) 3761 S Nova Road Suite E Port Orange. One key to success is to work on your abdominal muscles – they’re the incentive for all motion. Good abdominal muscles take pressure off knees and ankles. A question was asked about treatment of Plantar Fasciitis– roll foot on tennis ball and Massage – rub it. Hearing how active the HW are, Amy recommending walking 3 Days a week / do another form of exercise – swim, bike, a class – 2 Days a week / rest 2 days a week. President John McClellan thanked Amy for her informative talk and presented her with a club patch and pin.

New Business
The President opened the floor to the members.

Marianne Grey stated she thought a roster of the members name and phone number would help club members coordinate walking and riding together. John McClellan pointed out that the membership renewals forms do ask contact information can be shared. David Golden stated past reluctance to a roster might be due to members not wanting information to be placed on the club’s website.

Open Discussion.
Marianne Grey made a motion that an email (regular mail for those without an email) sent to all members stating: This is to inform you the creation of a Happy Wanderers Roster containing Members Name and Phone Number. Printed rosters be available to o Members only. The rosters will be internal use only, not released outside the club. Please contact HW Membership Chairperson, Karen Duhlstine at to Opt-Out. If you do not Opt-Out your name and phone
number will appear in the distributed roster. Barbara Anderson (Daytona Beach Shores) seconded the Motion. Open Discussion. Call to Vote: Motion to create a membership roster with the option to Opt-Out passed by unanimous

Dan Spink and Marianne Grey Reported:

Daytona Tortugas Baseball Game Thursday 26 May SAVE THE DATE! Cost: $17 per person plus $2 parking fee per car. Includes: Game ticket and Dustin BBQ (pulled pork, hot dogs, hamburgers, potato salad, baked beans, peanuts, iced Tea & sodas.) Food will be served 5:30 to 7:30 The game starts at 7:00 PM, you may leave the food pavilion, find your seat for opening pitch and return to the pavilion until closing at 7:30pm. Location: Jackie Robinson Ball Park on Orange Ave. Daytona Beach. Enter the EAST GATE near the tennis courts for your tickets and proceed to the pavilion ahead.

Wednesday Fun Walk – John McClellan reported that the HW Officers would like to add a Wed Fun Walk Rotation: 1st week of the month –Boutique / 2nd Wear your Club Apparel / 3rd Bring a Friend / 4th 50/50 Raffle. Open Discussion. All present agreed to try a trial run with the Wednesday walks, with a possibility of expanding to Sunday.

Boutique – John McClellan reported we are sold out of the new HW T-shirts. If you are interested in purchasing a T-shirt please go on the Website (Home >Scroll Down>View Order Form.) Don’t be left out on Wear Your Club Apparel Day.

Port Orange Swim Event John McClellan reported AVA did not like the wording on his Swim sanction. John Swim Event stated Volkssporters could swim at the YMCA, the Ocean or their own Pool and get credit. The AVA lawyers stated the stamp was for a swim at YMCA. Mary Ann Westbrook inquired about YMCA membership fees. John McClellan stated there are Community Swim times on Sat. and Sun – Local guests, interested in joining, may purchase three (3) daily passes annually. Additional use of the YMCA will require a membership. If you are a snowbird, with a YMCA membership: (Always Welcomed at YMCA) visitors are welcome at any Volusia Flagler Family YMCA location for two complimentary weeks (14
visits). After 14 visits, additional use of the YMCA will require a membership or purchase of a guest pass.

Next Meeting: Thursday, May 5th 2016 @ 6:30pm
Meeting Adjourned at 7:40 PM.

Business Meeting Minutes
Thursday January 7th, 2016 @ 6:30 PM

President John McClellan at 6:40pm called the meeting to order at 6:40 pm with an enthusiastic “Welcome and Happy New Year,” to all our members, including the new and returning snowbirds. The sign-in sheet tallied 36 members in attendance, more than enough to establish a quorum (11) for the meeting. Marie Priest/Secretary verified that all officers were present.

Secretary’s Report: (Marie Priest) A motion was given by Gloria Pratt (YRE Coordinator) to accept the minutes of the last November’s meeting. It was 2nd by Bill Ellis (Former President). All in Favor, Motion Passed.

Treasurer’s Report: (Barbara Anderson)
Opening Balance for the Second Quarter was $3,658.00, Ending Balance was $4,228.00
Income from Walks for the Second Quarter was $911.00 and Expenses were $340.00, leaving a
Net Gain of $571.00 for the quarter. Income from 2016 Membership Renewals totaled $630.00 so far. Income from New Memberships totaled $120.00 for a total of $750.00
Other Misc. Second Quarter Expenses totaled $845.00, consisting of: Postage, Printing, Office Supplies, Storage Rental, Chamber of Commerce and memberships.

Overall, Barbara felt the club was doing pretty well. The already three months old she felt as a result generated a lot of new faces of which were definitely part of our club’s attendance tonight. The investment she stated was well worth the investment. Barbara ended by stating that at the end of 2015 there were 104 paid memberships.

Vice-President’s Report: (Dan Spink) The Silver Sands Middle School “For the Needy” project was a success. Dan thanked both Barbara and Russ Anderson for their part in being the club’s coordinators with the Church. Dan’s second topic was vacancies in the club’s volunteer positions. For the Specialties position, he explained what would be needed: once monthly, that person would need to set-up our goodies and simply sell them at various walks. Also needed is a club Food Coordinator or a team to organize food/drinks at Traditional walk events, Potlucks, or Catered affairs. Typically, we have such an event about once a quarter. Currently, on-line lists are posted tour website for sign-ups and helpers assist in these tasks. Those interested need to contact any of the club’s officers.

YRE Coordinator Report: (Gloria Pratt) Gloria stated that all YRE walk boxes had been prepped for 2016. The Mt. Dora walk remains in need of a new POC (Point of Contact). That person would basically make sure the walk box would always be supplied and up-to-date, and that the POC “presides” over that event when we rotate to that location on the calendar. She gave a shout out and thanked, Barbara and Gary Anderson and Bill Ellis for their help with the boxes. A special walk scheduled at Blue Springs on February 20th at 9 a.m. The walk start time on February 28th will be at 9 a.m. and the club’s 25th anniversary luncheon will then be at 1 p.m. The complete walk schedule through March had been posted on the club’s website. The annual brochure and the membership tri-fold were completed.

Other upcoming event reminders:
Palatka’s AM walk on March 6th
Savannah Bus Trip, March 11th – 13th

Member-at-Large Report: (Robert Priest) Robert announced that the new club T-shirts had arrived and all members with advance paid orders at the conclusion of the meeting needed to come see him for their shirts. There were 42 shirts in total, with 11 extra for sale.

Club Volunteer(s) Reports:

Membership – The renewal count as of 12/30/15 was 65. Only 2 members have replied that they were not renewing, so far.

Newsletter – Sheila McClellan reminded all that the newsletter is posted every other month. In recognition of the club’s 25th Anniversary, she is asking for memories of past walks, or any personal stories from members that she can share with the readers. The deadline for all submissions for the next newsletter is January 11th.

Club’s Website – David McCarthy wanted to thank the Church for allowing our club, The Happy Wanderers to use their facilities. He then provided a quick presentation of the club’s website and the various features for members and where to find different information. (NOTE: This was an updated version of the same presentation from September, held a second time for the benefit of new members and our snowbirds.)

President’s Report:

2016 HW 25th Anniversary Year Luncheon: February 28, 2016
Committee Chairs: Alan & Elaine Brady/Former Co-Presidents of the Happy Wanderers from 1993-2000, gave a presentation on our plans for a luncheon celebrating the club’s 25th anniversary. They included the “5 Ws” along with some personal remembrances from their time in the club. For follow-up details, John McClellan/President has asked that all members go on the club’s website for more information on the luncheon and walk.

Special HW Program Book: The book price is $6 and will continue to be sold thru 6/30/16. Any member that completes 25 walks (Sanctioned or Fun) during the 2016 anniversary year, will earn the prize of a Happy Wanderers visor.

Bus Trip to Savannah (March 11th-13th): The bus trip has met the minimum participation of at least 40 and is a “go.” We are looking for a new pick-up point for here in Port Orange, as the Walmart will tow cars left overnight. There are several areas being considered: the VFW, the Church parking lot (here) and Ravenwood Plaza (the Travel Agency office) all of which have positive and negative aspects. John stated that each would be carefully considered and we’ll get that information out to the participants as soon as it is settled.

Other Business:

Where to Eat: Selection – Tamoka Brewing Company.

Next Meeting: Thursday, March 3rd, 2016 @ 6:30pm

Motion to Adjourn:
by Treasurer, Barbara Anderson, second by Dale Yeager/New Member
Motion Passed and the Meeting was Adjourned.

Business Meeting Minutes
Thursday November 5th, 2015 @ 6:30 PM

President John McClellan welcomed everybody and then called the meeting to order at 6:25 p.m. 28 club members were present, constituting a Quorum. A roll call by Marie Priest/Secretary verified that all officers were present.

Secretary’s Report: (Marie Priest) John (President) made a motion to accept the minutes of the last September’s meeting. It was then 2nd……All in Favor, the Motion Passed.

Treasurer’s Report: (Barbara Anderson) The 2nd Quarter’s opening balance was $3,658.16. Ending balance on 10/31/15, was $1,867.38. Walk participation was still low at the end of the first quarter (Sep 30th) with a total of 152 participants and continued to be low during October keeping the club’s income level down. We should be seeing a bump as cooler weather sets in. Expenditures were up during October based on advances made for upcoming events, joining the Port Orange Chamber of Commerce and the online Meet-Up group along with an up-tick in printing costs for flyers for our various upcoming events through March of next year.

Money expended in advance in OCT for special events as payments/deposits are:
• Xmas Party VFW hall rental – $205.00
• March 2016 Savannah Trip Bus deposit – $1,725.00

These funds will be replenished back into our account as members sign up for activities.

Vice-President’s Report: (Dan Spink) announced that the holiday foods drive would start collections this Sunday at the Ponce Inlet walk. Karen Duhlstine (Membership Chair) will be sending out a flyer electronically to all members. Dan stated that cash donations were fine, and that anyone who wanted to donate by check would need to make it out to the Port Orange Presbyterian Church. Barbara (Treasurer) said that she would call the church to verify. Gloria (YRE Coordinator) added that Bob Allen would also be available to collect donations.

YRE Coordinator Report: (Gloria Pratt) As specific walk reminders: On November 14th, the walk is on a Saturday not the usual Sunday. The 12:30pm start is due to the scheduled tour of the Chocolate Factory and since it is a long walk, it will be done in reverse to assist those that might be carrying sweet purchases 😉 On December 6th, the Mt. Dora walk will be scheduled for 2pm and not the usual 1pm, to allow time to view the holiday light displays. As for the 2016 walk events, they are presently being updated.

Christmas Party – Joanne (Party Co-Chair) announced the party would be Friday December 18th from 7-10 p.m. at the Port Orange VFW. Last year it was such a successful event that the time was extended to 11pm, so we would consider doing the same this year, as we have 4 hours reserved. Gloria mentioned that the music may not be able to continue if the party continues to 11 p.m. John (President) stated that the bar would remain open. Checks can be mailed to the club’s PO Box or handed off to Barbara (Treasurer.) The cost will likely be $30.00 per member, but has not been finalized yet. As an aid to getting the word out, Karen would be sending out the club’s invitation via e-mail, or by regular mail for those members with no electronic availability.

Member-at-Large Report: (Robert Priest) We have 20 T-shirt orders to date. As a club, to get the reduced rate we would need to get at least 10 additional orders, and then we’ll buy-in at 36 shirts and have a few on-hand for the Boutique as well. The shirts will be the club’s prior blue with white logo color combination. For those members who are new, this shirt’s look resembles the same club shirt from years ago. The price for members, are $15 each or 2 for $28. The men’s shirts will come with a crew neck and the ladies with a V-neck style. To date, we are 60% there in meeting the minimum needed to be able to negotiate a reduced price. Once the first order is placed, we will then become established and be able to look at other items.

Club Volunteer(s) Reports:
Membership – The current membership count stands at 102, as verified by Karen Duhlstine (Membership Chair.) John felt that we were back to about where we were last year.
A renewal notice will be sent out after Thanksgiving. Annual dues will remain at $20 for a family, and $15 for an individual. Checks can be mailed or handed to Barbara (Treasurer.)

Newsletter – Sheila McClellan announced that the deadline will be this weekend and in one week’s time she will have it posted to the website. Robert (Member-at-Large) announced that he had two people/businesses that are interested in doing an advertisement/coupon in our newsletter. The concept would be a coupon representing their business whereby customers would be able to cut out and use for a discount.

Publicity – Mary-Ann Westbrook wanted all to know that our name was out there. Hometown News always tries its best to fit us in with news updates. The latest submission about the Surgeon General’s view on walking to date had not been posted.

Property Managers – Russ and Barbara Anderson had still a few thing to pick up for the upcoming Christmas party.

President’s Report:

WAF 25: Great time was had by all! Saturday’s two walks both broke 100 walkers which represented 25% more than last year’s event. Other walks totaled 80+ which were in John’s eyes still great numbers. Overall the club ended up making about $50. Next year’s event will be the first weekend in November. It will be the 4th-6th over in Tampa and will be hosted by the Suncoast Sandpipers. The hotel contract has already been signed.

Veteran’s Day “Torch” Walk: Next Wednesday night will be the club’s traditional Veteran’s Day walk in Port Orange at 6 p.m. at the Lakeside Center. One major difference from last year was the inclusion of the torches for the start of the walk. For those interested the VFW will be holding their normal ceremony at 10 a.m. John had flyers present for those who might be interested. As for our club’s walk, John stated that we still needed leaders for each of the 5 and 10km walks. Russ (Property Manager) encouraged members to carry flashlights and or wear reflective clothing. Gloria (YRE Coordinator) also asked that members bring such to the club’s Wednesday evening walks in the winter months. and Facebook: John wanted all to know that the new social media site is very active for various clubs. Our club has gained 15-18 new walkers from which all have come from the recent connection. Presently we are paying $10 monthly for the first 50 people and to date in actuality, we are already over 50 people. As for Facebook, we have 2 different pages. A public organization group and a discussion group. The latter will be officially be taken down this weekend. A decision has been made that the club’s official website and will be the two that will remain as it takes a lot of time to keep them up to date on a constant basis.

2016 HW 25th Anniversary Year / 25th Anniversary Luncheon: Former co-Presidents Alan & Elaine Brayton are heading the committee for a luncheon next year to be held on Feb 28th at 1 p.m. Club members are being asked to bring all photo albums and memobilia. More on this at the next meeting in January.

Special HW Program Book Orders & Stamp: The book price will be $6, and be sold starting next year thru 6/30/16 to just our club members. For each member to complete 25 walks during the anniversary year, a special stamp for those walks has been designed and purchased. The club member’s prize for completing the book of 25 walks will be a visor that matches our new club T-shirts.

Bus Trip to Savannah-March 11th-13th: “Since the club has not done one in a while and Sheila and I have run bus trips before as “Trip Captains”, the weekend should be a fun one.” The deposit for the trip is $50 per person or $100 couple. We need at least 40 participants to make the trip a “Go.” The fee will be totally refundable up until 3 days prior of departure. There will be a total of 3 walks. The bus will pick up in Orlando and for our club, here locally. We have invited other clubs. The club will spend 2 nights in Savannah, Georgia. The hotel which has a shuttle which travels to and from the hotel to downtown 4-5 times nightly is just a few miles from the visitor’s center. It will provide breakfast and wi-fi. We have set aside 24 rooms at $125 nightly (plus taxes), which is also refundable. The group dinner is being worked on presently. We would go up Friday, Saturday afternoon we would be in Beauford, SC and Sunday on our way home we would stop at St. Mary’s. There is a lot to see on this trip. Some walkers might decide to avoid the 2nd walk altogether and spend the day in Savannah. It’s our walk, and it’s been a long time since our club has been back visiting.

Next Year Walks: Our New Year’s Eve walk will be at 2:00 p.m. at the Adult Center on Rte 1 / Ridgewood Ave, along the Halifax downtown area in Port Orange. The Mid Florida Milers will be having their walk on New Year’s Day at the same location in Orlando, the Ale House in Downtown Disney.

MLK Weekend-Jan 15th-18th: First Coast Trail Forgers will be at Ferdinando Beach.

President’s Weekend-Feb 12th-15th: The host club in Panama City will have this walk.

Palatka’s (Hanging Gardens) Walk-Sunday, 6th of March: Will be the week before our Savannah trip.

Daytona ½ Marathon (21km): They will also have a 5k walk on the same track. Club is thinking about sanctioning it. John (President) asked if there was any interest in doing so – the was not much interest from the members assembled.

OTHER BUSINESS: The club wanted to take the time to welcome any new members.

Dinner after the present meeting, all were invited to gather at the Tamoka Brewing Company.

Next Meeting: Thursday, January 7th, 2016 @ 6:30pm

Motion to Adjourn: All in favor. Motion Passed. Meeting Adjourned at 7:20 PM.

Business Meeting Minutes
Thursday September 3rd, 2015 @ 6:30 PM

A big welcome was given club President John McClellan. The meeting was called to order at 6:30 p.m. There were 18 members present, so a Quorum was established. (Minimum currently is 10 members.) A roll call by Marie Priest, Secretary verified that all officers were present.

Secretary’s Report: John made a motion to accept the minutes of the 2 July meeting, 2d by Bill Ellis. All in Favor, the Motion Passed.

Treasurer’s Report: (Barbara Anderson) The 1st Quarter 2015/2016 fiscal year’s opening balance was $4,605. July’s Income of $148 consisted of YRE’s, Specialties, Walk Books and New Members. July’s Expenses of $215 consisted of Storage Rental, Printing/Postage and AVA fees for June’s Enterprise walk. Overall Net Loss was $67. August’s Income was $360, which consisted of YRE’s, Specialties, Walk Books, and New Members. August’s Expenses totaled $1,174, of which represented Storage Rental, Printing/Postage, AVA Charter Dues (an annual fee for the 12 walks we have), AVA YRE Sanction fee, Annual donation to Presbyterian Church and Liability Insurance. August Net Loss totaled $814. The Overall Ending Balance for the first 2 months of the club’s fiscal year totaled $3,723. Overall, Barbara felt that the decrease in revenue from walks was largely due to the heat limiting the number of walkers as is usually the case this time of year.

Vice-President’s Report: Dan Spink brought up the annual food donation event our club supports during the fall, and that the club has been involved in this for the past 6-7 years. Barbara and Russ Anderson who are parishioners of the Presbyterian Church assist in getting all collections to the right key contacts. Both food and monetary donations are accepted. The church carefully gets the names of key families from the local Silver Sands Middle School who are felt to benefit most from key assistance. Dan then asked the present membership if they felt the club should do anything additional. Marianne Gray commented that based on what we have been able to accomplish, she felt that the club was doing enough and at the same time also supporting the church. This she felt was a gesture of heartfelt thanks for allowing the club to continue to use their premises for the club’s membership meeting gatherings. Bill Ellis then spoke up and stated that he felt that it was a good solid program. Member Jim Leitch also felt that those families at the Silver Sands Middle School were definitely families in need. Gloria Pratt felt that the sooner the club started this agenda, the better the overall results would be. President John McClellan stated that Russ Anderson was in the church this evening and that he would try to catch him before he left the building. Dan as a final end to the discussion spoke up about starting the process now to be able to make the Thanksgiving agenda. He motioned as such, and 2nd by Jim Leitch. All in favor. Motion Passed.

YRE Coordinator Report: Gloria Pratt stated that all the club’s 12 walks had been sanctioned, and that she is working on “special programs” for those walks. So far 10 of our walks presently qualify for one program or another. In addition she wanted all to know that new ones can be created. For example, if we have a walk in a city park, that would qualify as one. John explained how the AVA is presently working to curtail the number Special Programs in the future to make this job easier for the clubs. (There is agreement across the country that the AVA now have too many.) As for the YRE walks for Christmas, Dec. 6th in Mt. Dora and 20th in St. Augustine have been scheduled. Gloria asked for approval on the proposed last quarter walks. John said, “Yes” and went on to state that the Oct., Nov. and Dec. schedule could also be released on the website. John asked about the need for a POC for the club’s Mt. Dora walk. The walk box is located at the Lakeside Inn. Gloria reviewed the basic duties – quarterly, the POC (Point Of Contact) must send in the log sheets and turn in the money. The POC should also always be at that location during each scheduled walk there.

Gloria again as a reminder stated that the club gathers reward points at Office Depot/Office Max. Any purchases club members make, can be used as points for the club to use as credits towards for example, printing needs. A member can give the sales associate Gloria’s or Bill’s phone number or Gloria can upload the receipt if provided to her.

Member-at-Large Report: Regarding the club’s shirts, Robert Priest announced that there were order sheets on each table. Facts were (1) that the shirt consisted of a wicking material, (2) the light blue color was the closest the company had to the turquoise color some of the club’s members requested, and (3) going with a white logo would save money. He then passed around one that represented a mock-up of what it would look like. If interested, all a member has to do would be is attach funds (cash or check) to the form and give it to the club’s Treasurer Barbara Anderson. The price is $15 for one or $28 for two. The club would need to order as least 24 shirts to secure that price. The price can go up or down and they (the company) could also change manufacturers without notice. Either way Robert stated, “The present price gives the club a margin.” In his view, he felt the price was very reasonable.

John said that as soon as the minimum number was reached, the order would go in. Both crew and V-neck styles were available, but 24 of each type would need to be ordered. The plan is to try to have our 1st order back by Thanksgiving. T-shirts will be brought to the walks and as a second attempt, calls could be made. Vice President Dan Spink thought maybe we could put the order form on the club’s website. David McCarthy stated that he could do that only if it was sent in a PDF format.

Website Report: David McCarthy wanted all to know that the website is now officially a year old. New to the website last month is a tracking system that will give the club totals on the numbers of hits recorded. The biggest day so far has been 103 hits. Last month’s total was 1,255. As a reminder, on Google our club is the first name listed – indicating that our site is heavily used. David wanted the membership to feel free to explore to their heart’s content. “You can’t break anything,” he said. David then continued on by giving a Power Point presentation of the website and its main areas of importance. The presentation was well received by all in attendance.

President’s Report:

All Aboard Storage Room: John McClellan stated we were moving to 25 less sq. footage (from 100 to 75) and this would save the club $159 for the next 12 months. The new storage room is also better because the layout includes a full size garage door that actually faces the street. He then asked for assistance for this Saturday’s move at 9 AM. Gary, Robert, Russ and Jim volunteered. Barbara, Treasurer said that after all the research she did in when trying to find a better situation for the club’s storage need found that All Aboard Storage actually owned most of the storage facilities in the area.

WAF 25: Regarding volunteers, the WAF Committee is ready for the sign-up to begin. John wanted the membership to remember to look for a slot to sign up to help on our walk which would be the Saturday AM walk. John himself did the trail and our club is responsible for the lunch. The food will be catered but we still need at least 4 people to monitor lunch (self-serving) during the event to ensure we don’t run out of food!

VETERAN’S DAY “TORCH” WALK: The club’s next traditional walk is the Veteran’s Day walk at the Port Orange City Center. We plan to use the outdoor porch of the Lakeside Community Center, around the lake from the Library, next to the amphitheater. John proposed a special exception to the regular $3.00 fee to allow Veterans to walk for free at this event. A quick count showed that all present members were in favor of the idea. He added by stating that he was already talking to the VFW and Team RWB. John explained that the “Torch” would consist of more like a small candle to carry as each participant walked along the pond to the Memorial area. Ideas on what should take place as a tribute at the Memorial site were discussed; (1) To get a wreath, (2) To ask MaryAnn Westbrook to recite a poem [NOTE: since the meeting, MaryAnn has indicated that she can NOT attend], and to have anyone present step forward with words of remembrance for a family member or person close to them who served. The wreath seemed not to be a popular idea since in the past it did get quite expensive for the club and it seemed to consistently be taken down by the city within a short time afterwards. John said that the flyer for the event would be completed within 2-3 weeks. He also stated that a permit was pending, but that the club would not be charged. John also thought that a small sign-up of 6-8 people would be needed for misc. tasks at Registration, but that no food will be served.

2015 CHRISTMAS PARTY: There were several main things to consider for this year’s holiday event: (1) The VFW’s banquet room, (2) the food, and (3) the music. If all present had no exceptions to having it again at the VFW, John said that the 19th was still open. A quick count showed that all present members were in favor of the idea, thus Sheila McClellan gave the motion to save the date, and reserve the VFW hall. Barbara Anderson 2d. All in favor, the motion passed. Next point was that the catered food was great last year but that a committee chairperson was a definite need. With no hesitation, Bill Ellis raised his hand and said yes! Barbara Anderson looking back on her POC experience last year pointed out that (1) gifts were given out, (2) that DJ’s book up quickly, and (3) a deposit would be needed for the VFW.
As for the ticket price last year it was $30 John stated, but unfortunately there were members who felt it was too high. When started, the evening was considered a “thank you” for the volunteers. In comparison though John mentioned that this year’s AVA “mixer” at the Convention was $55 and only consisted of hors d’oeuvres. Gloria Pratt questioned the music last year and volunteered to secure the Karaoke couple who did the event the year before last.

2016 HAPPY WANDERERS 25TH ANNIVERSARY YEAR: John proposed several programs in honor of the club’s anniversary year and asked about holding an anniversary event. Questions that would need to be answered would be, (1) where to walk, (2) the after party and a possible lunch/dinner, (3) how to go about inviting former/retired members and (4) the need to be able to organize the club’s path of past history for a viewing pleasure. There would need to be a committee formed. Gloria Pratt added that the 20th anniversary was held in Pierson in September or October.

Already in the works per John was the following:
…A Special Program Book and Prize (25 Walks = Special stamp)
…Possible Bus Trip to Savannah
…Swim (YRE) and Bike Event
…Joining the Chamber of Commerce
…New Club Apparel

John informed everybody that the Special Anniversary Walk Books could be ordered now for $6.00 and that order forms were on each of the tables. The books were actually ready to go as John had the template on his computer. In addition, the prize would be a visor that matches the new T-shirts and only those doing the 25 walks (sanctioned and fun walks) would get one.

As for the trip to Savannah John informed all that he was communication with the First Coast Trail Forgers and a Travel Agency who was working on coming up with various bids. Concept is a 2 night, 3 day excursion. He would like to have 1 walk on Friday, 2 on Saturday with one in the AM, another in the afternoon and have a dinner on the 2nd night. He is planning to secure a Coach Line that would comfortably fit 40 people and pick up in Orlando and pick up Friday AM. As far as taking a bus goes, John said he would be carefully checking out the reviews. The estimated trip costs to date are the following: Single: $225 – 325 and Couples: $325 – $450 Anything else would be at your own expense. We would need 20 people from our club alone and 40 people in total (HW =20, MFM=10 and FCTF=10), otherwise the expense would not make it doable. Member Jim Leitch commented on being able to do 2 walks in Savannah. As a club John mentioned that we would need to come up with the 2nd walk. As for the date, John was looking into March 11th-13th. He also let everybody know that he was working on having a pickup in Daytona. Concerns about the Ocean Center were present. Member Linda Ellis thought Walmart would be fine. Barbara Anderson asked about driving up yourself. John answered by stating that staying as a group is more fun. Jim thought having a pick-up at the VFW might be a good idea since it stayed lighted in the back. Barbara mentioned that Beaufort, SC might be a good Saturday afternoon walk choice. John ended the conversation by letting everyone know he wanted to get the ball rolling.

The club received some good press coverage – The Ormond Beach Observer had the Happy Wanderers in their last issue.

Next Membership Meeting – Thursday November 5th at 6:30 PM

Dinner afterwards at the Tamoka Brewing Company.

Motion to Adjourn – John gave the Motion to Adjourn. It was second by Sheila McClellan. All in favor. Motion Passed. Meeting Adjourned at 8:10 PM.

Business Meeting Minutes
Thursday July 2nd, 2015 @ 6:30 PM

A friendly “Welcome” was given as the meeting* was called to Order at 6:30 p.m. by the new club President, John McClellan. There were 15 members present.

(Location of the meeting room was moved to the Fellowship Room, to utilize the computerized screen projection for a power point presentation. This room featured numerous large round tables with copies of the agenda and various other handouts provided on each.)

A quick roll call of the officers was noted by Marie Priest, Secretary. All 6 officers were present.

Bill Ellis, the club’s former President, announced the New Slate of Elected Officers for the 2015-2017 Term. They were then officially sworn-in as follows:

President: John McClellan
Vice-President: Daniel Spink
Treasurer: Barbara Anderson
Secretary: Marie Priest

Bill went on to mention how John and his wife Sheila were Life Members of the AVA and that John had to date posted over 650 Events and 8,000 Km since 1999. Officially, it was then that the gavel was passed from one president to another.

John then presented well-deserved special recognition to Bill and Linda Ellis. A big “thank you” was given in recognition of Bill’s service for 14 consecutive years as Vice-President and most recently President. The AVA Meritorious Service Award cited Bill’s significant contributions, describing him as a great Ambassador for Volkssporting. The award included an honorary AVA patch and pin. John continued by recognizing Linda (who could not be present) who was always by Bill’s side or in the background, supporting the club beyond measure through thick and thin. Flowers were presented to Bill for Linda with the sincerest appreciation and thanks for all her support of the club during this time.

Secretary’s Report: A motion to accept the minutes of the May 7th meeting was made by VP Dan Spink and seconded by Sheila McClellan. Motion Passed.

Treasurer’s Report: Overall for the fiscal year ending June 30th, 2015 the club did well. It started with $4,304 on July 1st and ended with $4,605, a net gain of $301 dollars. Although the club was impacted by an increase in the rental fees for our storage locker, a liability insurance increase of 50% and a slight drop in membership renewals we still managed to come out ahead due mainly to the increased participation at our walks from both our membership and visitors. Keeping other expenses to a minimum such as printing and misc. office supplies also helped us stay in the black thanks to Gloria’s initiative in setting up an account with Office Depot.

Vice-President’s Report: Reported was that the Wednesday walks were continuing to have good attendance. They were averaging 20-21 walkers. A nice addition was the fact that new walkers were checking us out.

YRE Coordinator Report: Re-sanctioning of current YRE’s before the end of August. There is talk about adding a walk but it has not been decided yet. Hot walks during summertime have an 8:00 a.m. start time except for Cocoa Beach, Mt. Dora and St. Augustine, which are at 9 a.m. A new POC will be needed for the Mt. Dora YRE next year. The newsletter will have a posting regarding the position opening. John interjected by mentioning that overall several POC positions were in transition. Also, the July and August calendars had been posted. As a note to the walk in New Smyrna Beach, parking is now at the south end of Riverside Park. Gloria would be sending David the club’s Webmaster that information to post. John then asked Gloria how we as a club get the rewards from Office Depot that are contributed. Gloria responded by stating that we can go on-line to donate those credits from purchases. She wanted all to know that they will not key them in at the register.

Member-at-Large Report (Robert Priest): “Apparel Options”- Robert passed around one club shirt option as he explained the research path that was taken. John mentioned how the recent AVA Conventions also had a “Volunteers” shirt version that were pretty nice quality. The options would be the following: To have 1 or 2 basic club shirts; one of which would be either a basic size measure for Men or Ladies and as a second option, to have a polo shirt. As for the color decisions, Robert stated that we were not ready to discuss those options. Lois Shannon asked if the “Volunteer” shirts would be free or have a price? John replied that volunteers at the Convention got theirs for free, and he’d like to go that way if possible. Robert stated that as a volunteer the shirt could be free but that we could also sell that very same shirt to members at a reduced price. As for the ordering process, Robert stated that it would all take place on-line and that members could re-order as many times as they wanted. Lois mentioned that she could see members getting excited about the new shirts. She continued by saying that as the shirts are seen it would cause more people to want them. Members were impressed with the quality of the sample “wicking shirt” that was passed around. As a funny, Robert showed the membership some of the other items available from the same vendor. Members were very amused as he demonstrated a pen that had a pull-out note paper slot. John ended the topic by asking that we allow that same shirt be brought to various walks to spread the word of what was in the works.

Membership Report: Karen could not be present so John reported on her behalf. There are currently 90 club members.

Website Report (Daivd McCarthy): WAF flyer is now on the website. Also the contact form can now be filled out on-line with a copy going automatically to the President and Vice-President. The new Note From the President will now include a thank you to all volunteers and a welcome to new visitors. It will also include tidbits from the membership meetings.

Newsletter Report (Sheila McClellan): Sheila wanted the membership to know that the submissions deadline for the next newsletter will be Monday July 6th.

Publicity Report (Mary-Ann Westbrook): As free advertising, the Pennysaver only publishes for our club when they have the room. Some issues might publish nothing while others might have up to 5 items in it about us. The Hometown News in contrast will publish 2 times a year for us and they usually want 6 months in advance. To avoid any confusion with last minute changes, we only give them 2 months. In addition, they might only post a walk in one particular town. Other papers will usually do their best to get us in.

John wanted the membership to know that Mary-Ann had just received a beautiful glass trophy for being named, Citizen of the Year. The membership acknowledged this accomplishment with a round of applause.

Property Managers Report (Russ and Barbara Anderson): No report.

Trailmaster Report: Larry Middleton was not present. John mentioned that presently the immediate task he was working on was the Saturday morning trail for the WAF25. A note was also made on determining the present construction status regarding the YRE in Palm Coast.

President’s Report:

June 6th Walk AAR – The club made a profit, there were 14 volunteers and the sign-up on the website worked great! Overall he felt there were positives and negatives to learn from and that overall it was a good event. He appreciated all the support. Mary-Ann mentioned on how there was another event going on that same weekend.

Baseball Game (Marianne Gray): Marianne wanted all to know that the event had a great turnout. In conclusion, the feedback proved that everybody had a good time.

AVA Convention Results – John presented a summary of the major outcomes of the Bi-annual National Convention: The President won re-election. The Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary ran unopposed. The next convention will be held in Billings, Montana which defeated Albany, NY’s bid in a vote. Several By-law changes were made and a new position of Deputy Regional Director was approved. John is currently a candidate for this position in the SE Region. A consulting firm was hired to help the AVA and the new Executive Director Henry Rosales formulate a Strategic Plan for the AVA’s future.

WAF 25 – The registration flyer is on the website and there were registration forms on the back table. Once filled out and with payment in hand he asked that all those interested in attending, mail or hand to Treasurer Barbara Anderson. He continued by stating that the event will need approximately 14-15 volunteers per club. There will be online Registration for volunteers available in a few weeks.

Planned Workshop – On August 8th the Executive Committee will be meeting. It will start in the morning at approximately 9:00 AM. There will be a lot to discuss and members are welcome.

John added by mentioning that in addition at the back table he had placed copies of walk flyers on each table for members to post in their local areas. He felt it would be a good avenue for our club to get the word out and welcome new members. His presentation included “5 Places” to Start: Your HOA, Church, Library, Gym and any Other Club.

Gloria reminded everyone of the need for a Specialties Coordinator. Marianne Gray stated that she knew someone (Maureen Higgins) that may be interested in doing it in a co-position with her assistance but that presently she is out of town for 2 weeks. They have agreed that upon her return they promised to get together to discuss the details on the joint volunteer venture.

Sheila McClellan motioned to adjourn the meeting. Motion was 2nd by Marianne Gray. Motion passed. Meeting was then adjourned at 7:25 p.m.

Business Meeting Minutes
Thursday May 7th, 2015 @ 6:30 PM


Meeting was called to Order at 6:30 pm…

Roll Call of Officers was taken

New Members Present were Welcomed

Minutes from January 8th membership meeting it was acknowledged were on the website. Per

Dan Spink/Vice-President, one correction was needed. Under New Business the date for Hontoon Island needs to be changed to the later decided date of April 11th. The motion to approve was then given by Marianne Gray and second by Sheila McClellan. All was in favor; approval was given.


Vice-President’s Report    Dan Spink (Taken from a pre-typed self-report)


On April 25th, 2015 Bill Ellis and I arrived at the park in Fernandina Beach north of Jacksonville by 10:40 where a brisk wind was coming off the Atlantic Beach through a well-placed gap in the sand dunes! The table cloths placed for our upcoming lunch were like horizontal flags waving in the breeze! The corners were held in place by various food containers and the center was raised as the breeze worked its way upward between the widely spaced boards of the table top! Needless to say, it was reminiscent of our November meeting as the wind howled! …Now for some serious facts and small points of humor! All but one of the eight FVA clubs was represented at the meeting. So…that was a good turnout. Maxine, the FVA president opened the meeting with the Treasurers report showing a net increase of about $500. That was a positive sign. Cooperation between clubs on several walks, ex. Happy Wanderers and Mid-Florida Milers were sited. Another positive sign. A report of the nominations committee was given showing a full slate of officers. Mostly new! The exception being Bev, who would continue as Treasurer and coordinator of the Florida State Park Walks. That given, Maxine moved on to the subject of dissolving the FVA. She reported her concern regarding the dissolving of the FVA by stating many generalities as to the merits of the FVA and its possibilities in the future. She then opened the floor to comments. She noted the Happy Wanderers had a committee to look into the future of the FVA and looked directly at me! So……I summarized that the HW had a committee of 4 who met several times for many hours and had put out numerous emails to all of the clubs and the FVA leadership with very few responses. We were looking for an indication from the clubs that there was enough interest to have the FVA continue and to gather ideas for implementing those ideas and goals. I indicated there was not enough for the committee to recommend the continuation of the FVA and therefore would vote for dissolving the FVA. I then asked in general to all present, 15 total…”Any opinions for or against?” There was a discussion on both sides for and against that went on for about 25 minutes. Most all present agreed it is very difficult to get input from e-mails, phone calls etc. Even though some agreed they would like to see the FVA continue, there was a doubtful atmosphere. About that time the wind was picking up, the skies darkening, and a few raindrops landed upon the waving table cloth! A sign from Mother Nature? Time will tell! As I was about to call the motion, Maxine stated, “I would like to propose the continuation of the FVA for 2 years to give the new officers time to get the FVA going and show what it can do for the clubs….”, BTW, there were enough votes to support Bev’s motion…..I immediately interjected, “I want to change Maxine’s motion by having the new officers at the next FVA meeting, October 24 during Walk Around Florida, be required to present short term goals, a plan to implement them, and what the suggestions will be for the clubs to support the goals and implementation.” The motion for dissolving the FVA will again be presented for a vote based upon the report. After a bit of discussion and noting that new officers do not take office until July 1st, it was agreed the newly elected officers will start immediately as a committee to work with the current officers to create the goal etc…. The motion for FVA continuation until Walk Around Florida in October passed. Also the slate of new officers was elected and hopefully is working on their charge! So there you have it! I opened my big mouth again to stop a 2 year time span for the FVA, and reduced it to 6 months where it will either fly as the table cloths or sink as a pebble in the ocean! I voted in favor of the 6 month extension because I made the alternative motion as a worthy alternative. I felt it was the best compromise. Only Mid-Florida Milers voted against. We will see what happens. The new officers will be contacting, the HW FVA committee and other clubs for ideas. I feel we have plenty of “ideas” in our notes from our HW FVA meetings to supply them with things to think about! The HW FVA committee will continue to provide new ideas and reactions to the input from FVA officers during the months leading up to Walk Around Florida.

John McClellan/Trail Master and newly elected HW President noted that the recently elected FVA officers were also all long-time walkers.


Treasurer’s Report    Barbara Anderson (Taken from a pre-typed self-report)

As reported at our last meeting on March 5th, our 3rd Quarter ended with a net gain of $640.99 and for the 4th Quarter the club opened with a balance of $4,658.62.

April had income of $449.00 and expenses of $173.56 for a net gain of $275.44.

Income consisted of walk fees, new members and specialties sales.

Expenses consisted of postage, printing costs and AVA walk sanction fees (upcoming Green Cove walk) and fees due AVA for our walk in DeLeon Springs.

Our expense for the club’s storage locker saw an increase in the monthly rate by $9.00 effective April 1st. The club now pays $92.07 per month for the rental fee. The increase was due to mandatory insurance that is levied on each rented storage unit by our storage provider.

On May 5th we joined with other walking clubs within AVA and contributed $25.00 to The Big Give.

Note – Great walk participation for our YRE’s for the first quarter which ended 3/31/15.

We had a total of 533 walkers. Out of these walkers, 346 walked for credit and 187 for non-credit. Two were new members using their free walker coupons. After paying AVA our walk fees for the 533 walkers, the quarterly fee for our 12 YRE’s and four of our POC’s waling free on their respective walks, the club had a monetary gain of $832.75.

St. Augustine led the group with the highest number of walkers – 76.

Savannah came in second with 54, and Deland third with 51.

Barbara ended with the following notes: Specialty sales at the DeLeon Springs walk were good!

There was an increase for insurance purposes at the club’s storage location. Overall the 1st quarter was very good…..consisting of good gains on just our walks! A motion was given by John McClellan and then second by Marianne Gray to approve. All was in favor; approval was given.


Bill Ellis/President wanted all to know more about the FVA’s Big Give. The goal was to raise $30,000 of which would end up being matched if met. John McClellan continued by stating that they were $5,000 short but as of the last update ended up surpassing the set goal. As to what to do with the $60,000 plus funds,….it will be brought up and discussed in detail at the next convention and then voted on.


YRE Walk Coordinator’s Report:     Gloria Pratt (Taken from a pre-typed self-report)

On March 15th about 21 Happy Wanderers participated in the First Coast Trail Forgers, Washington Oaks State Park event in Palm Coast.

Happy to report last print expenses for the YRE walk boxes totaling $53.40 were reduced to $13.96 with use of our HW business account.

I have had contact with the NSB City Manager’s office about the proposed parking fees at NSB ocean front parks and any impact on fun walks and other events we may schedule. Larry Middleton attended the April 4th city commission meeting and furnished Bill Ellis and me the following information:

Fees for the four affected parks will be in effect from 9 AM to 5 PM

All Volusia County residents will park free…however

Volusia County residents will be required to apply for a park pass so their cars can be properly identified and not be subject to the $10 daily fee. The City Manager is responsible for working out the details of the administration of passes for county residents.

The Brannon Center is now nearing actual demolition and the area has been fenced off. Larry Middleton, as NSB YRE POC, will be aware when a revision to the 11k walk directions is required.

On Saturday, August 29th at 6 PM we will once again have a sunset/moonrise walk. The Start Point will be at the 27th Avenue Park in NSB. Larry Middleton is the POC. Sanction application is in process. I am hoping this will be a repeat of that held in June 2010 when the weather was just right and made for a very special night.

Mary-Ann Westbrook makes a great effort to get publicity out for our walks, and we thank her for that. Sometimes the papers print incorrect info. If there is any question, check the website.

A few of our YREs (specifically, Daytona Beach and Ponce Inlet), when scheduled for a group walk, do not start at the ‘official’ start point because of parking restrictions. In those cases the POCs bring the walk box to the alternate start point site. Therefore the walk direction has to be altered. An alternate 6k for the Ponce Inlet YRE has been written for use when starting from the Winter Haven Park location. That walk held on Sunday, May 3rd, was used to participate in AVAs 2nd annual World Walking Day. A special slug was received and placed on the stamp and certificates were ordered to commemorate the event. There were about 21 participants

John McClellan stated that there was a very large group there of which from Ohio alone there were 38 walkers. Per Bill Ellis, World Walking Day Certificates that had been ordered had come in and he asked who present has previously inquired about wanting one of which he then proceeded to hand out. Bill wanted to clarify that the new daily $10 parking fee in New Smyrna Beach would only affect our Flagler Avenue Park on 27th Avenue and specifically that it would not affect us due to the time slot we usually walk.


Co-Member-at-Large Report:     Bob Allen

Bob wanted to thank both Bill and Linda Ellis for taking care of Specialties and commented on the great job!

Bill Ellis mentioned that long-time Member-at-Large was retiring (after 5 long years) from the position and that would be happy to review all the details with regard to promoting the sale of the club’s inventory and the purchasing of such. The Name Tags responsibility Bob stated he will continue to do. Bill Ellis wanted anybody interested in taking over to contact him or John McClellan.


Club Newsletter:     Sheila McClellan

Sheila wanted to thank Karen Duhlstine for e-mailing a note out to the members about the 1st Official Newsletter. Again a reminder went out to feel free to contact her for any thoughts and or ideas for submission to…


Trail master Report:     John McClellan

John stated that the next Special Event (a 5 and 10K walk) which was also a National Trails Day Walk was set for Saturday, June 6th from 8-11am at Green Springs Park. He wanted the membership to understand the time spread is so that walkers can arrive at different times and walkers do not need to walk together as a group. In addition to that day, John in honor of the Anniversary of D-Day and as a member of the local VFW will have Red Poppies and a donation on a volunteer basis. On the membership’s website under calendar, there is a sign-up for the walk lunch and the count will help in the correct purchase of the sandwiches for the $5.00 lunch. No decision has been made yet as to Subway or Publix for them. Also further down will be a volunteer sign-up for salads and desserts. These items will be for our club members only. Most important was the present need for a Food Committee.


President’s Report:     Bill Ellis

Noted were the following:

There were 3 new members in the past 2 months. The Executive Committee has decided that we will not post all members data in the web.

The October WAF October 23-25 in Gainesville, the Happy Wanderers club has the responsibility of one walk and one Saturday lunch. We are still in need of a food committee to plan that lunch on Saturday the 24th. To date we need to finalize details and the relative cost of $7.00 per person by June 4th. As for the place, a BBQ place and phone number has become a place of interest.

Bill started by stating that the Hontoon Walk was a great day! Food & All !!!

He again mentioned that tonight’s membership had in attendance, 3 of the 5 new members.

As to the member’s personal information being on the club’s website, the Executive Committee voted not to make it available to all members.    He reminded that for members who needed to contact another member,….contacting an officer would be the best solution.

The WAF in October is still in need of support. As for the walk itself, John McClellan our Trail Master has completed that. Bill again wanted to remind how very important it was that a food committee be formed to aid in the handling of the steps needed to secure the food responsibility our club has committed to take care of. John McClellan suggested that the local BBQ place be contacted to cater

the event. He stated that this and the brochure need to be done by June 4th.

Long-time member Violet Smano sadly passed 2 weeks ago and a card of sympathy went out on the club’s behalf. Her son lives in New Smyrna Beach.



Baseball Game Coordinator:     Marianne Gray (Taken from a pre-typed self-report)

Once again the HAPPY WANDERERS will have a fun night out. After many requests, YES, on Friday June 12th it will be a Picnic and a Ball Game.

The Picnic starts at 5:30 PM and the game starts at 7:05 with the Daytona Tortugas playing the Tampa Yankees at Jackie Robinson Ball Park on City Island in Daytona Beach. The address is 105 E. Orange Ave.

The Picnic will be catered by Dustin’s and consists of hot dogs, hamburgers, pulled port, baked beans, potato salad, green salad and peanuts. Choice of beverages is soda or iced tea.

The price for the Picnic and game is only $17.00. Checks should be made out to Marianne Gray and sent to 57 Lazy Eight Drive Port Orange, FL 32128. Contact numbers with questions for Marianne is Home: 788-1886 & Cell 299-5322

Deadline for reservations is June 1st. Tickets can be picked up on the day of the game at the “Will Call” table on Orange Ave. or at the East Entrance near the Tennis courts.

Marianne stated that to date 25 members have signed up of which 7 has paid the $17.00 fee.

The on-line deadline is June 1st. All information is on the website.


Nomination Committee Chairman    Sheila McClellan

Sheila positioned herself in front of the membership and proceeded to conduct the election for all officers’ positions and 2 Member-at-Large positions. She also wanted to thank both Jim and Mary-Ann for the display.



Bill congratulated the new and returning leadership of the Happy Wanderers Walking Club.



Dan Spink wanted the membership to know that the name tags had been changed and the changes sent to Karen Duhlstine.


Bill Ellis then motioned to adjourn the meeting. It was 2nd by Barbara Anderson. All was in favor.

Meeting was then adjourned… There were 24 members present.

Business Meeting Minutes
Thursday March 5th, 2015 @ 6:30 PM

Meeting was called to Order at 6:35 pm…

Roll Call of Officers was taken

Minutes from January 8th membership meeting it was acknowledged were on the website. Per Bill Ellis/President, no corrections were needed. They were then approved.

Vice-President’s Report: Dan Spink (Taken from a pre-typed self-report)
The committee composed of members Dave Golden, John McClellan, Robert Priest and myself (Dan Spink) himself met several times in an effort to educate ourselves about the FVA and to gather information about its current status and potential.
Our discoveries were:
1. The FVA is not an active organization regarding its goal of :
*Coordinate the events and activities of member clubs: done online. Four clubs have web sites: Happy Wanderers, First Coast Trail Forgers, Mid-Florida Milers, and the Suncoast Sandpipers. Four clubs have no website: Emerald Coast, Pensacola, Perdidio and the Meandering Manatees.
*Manage the “Walk Florida Parks” program: program is in rapid decline from 19 to 5 during the past several years.
*Conduct semiannual meetings: poor attendance by club’s representatives.
2. After many attempts at communication with the FVA leadership and each of the other seven clubs in Florida via email, phone calls, and in person discussion, very little information was shared with our committee members.
Examples are:
A. Seeking information on each club’s discussion, interest and needs of the FVA: I received a response from DJ Moore of the Emerald Coast Club. Rod Powell of the Perdidio key Club indicated some interest but no one from the club will be attending the April FVA meeting. The other 5 clubs gave no response.
B. Seeking information from each club on their current membership numbers: I heard from the Happy Wanderers 79, Suncoast Sandpipers 140, and the First Coast Trail Forgers 50. Again the other 5 clubs and the FVA had no response.
C. SERD, southeast regional director, response on needs of the FVA:
*minimize scheduling conflicts
*approval of sanctioned requests, then SERD rubber stamps it.
3. Based upon many hours of communication and attempted communications your HW-FVA committee is recommending to you the following two motions:
A. Dissolution of the AVA:
“Direct the Happy Wanderers’ delegate, Daniel Spink, at the FVA meeting on April 25th to support the dissolution of the FVA in accordance with the Bylaws and Articles of Incorporation.”
2nd to the motion was then needed: It was given by Terry Kennedy
Amendments: None
Vote: No Nays-Present membership voted for dissolution
B. FVA Money distribution after final expenses:
Currently there is approximately $3,500.00 in the FVA account. As stated earlier, a main purpose of the FVA has been to maintain the WFSP, Walk Florida State Parks program. In an effort to be able to continue these walks, your HW-FVA committee is proposing that any money the FVA has after final expenses, be used to promote the continuation of the 5 FVA State Park Walks. This could be done by having local clubs take ownership of the walks and give a one-fifth share of the money for each walk to the ownership club. The Happy Wanderers currently are the POC, point of contact, for two FVA State Park Walks being Blue Springs and Hontoon. The Mid-Florida Milers has a POC for Wekiva. The two remaining WFSP walks are: Oscar Scherer, and Tallahassee.
Motion: “Direct the Happy Wanderers’ delegate, Daniel Spink, at the FVA meeting on April 25th to propose any money left in the FVA account after final expenses be disbursed at the rate of one share out of five per “ownership” of a current FVA sponsored State Park Walk.”
2nd to the motion needed: It was given by Dave Golden.
Vote: No Nays-The motion was passed

Treasurer’s Report: Barbara Anderson (Taken from a pre-typed self-report)
3rd Quarter Opening Balance – $4,017.63
Balance as of March 1st – $4,566.73
2 month net gain of – $549.10
January Income was $390.00, Expenses $85.39 for a gain of $303.61
February Income was $1,081.00, Expenses 836.51 for a gain of $244.49

January and February Expenses consisted of AVA YRE walker fees, sanction fee for De Leon Springs Walk and Park Shelter rental, State of Florida tax, office supplies and postage and monthly storage unit rental fee.
January and February Income consisted of YRE walk fees, membership renewals, new members, and sales of pins, t-shirts, and AVA walk books. We also had some donations left inside our walk boxes.

YRE Walk Coordinator’s Report: Gloria Pratt
Annual Brochure is completed-still dealing with new program issues, may reprint.
Office Depot has business accounts. She spoke to manager and gave info on club. As of today,
The club has a business account from which printing could go from 11 cents to 2 cents a copy.
March 15th Washington Oaks Garden State Park Walk whereby we are joining the First Coast Trail Forgers.
March 28th De Leon Springs State Park Walk-Bob Allen stated he will be unable to lead it. Bill Ellis then volunteered to do so. Flyer for the walk is on the website.
For Saturday April 25th Hontoon Island State Park, to date a flyer is not on the website but will be forthcoming. John McClellan volunteered to take the walk. Bill Ellis felt that publicity was needed for members.
Gloria stated that May & June walk schedules were released to David McCarthy/Webmaster. On Saturday March 21st the 4 PM walk in Deland will tie in with a Car Show that day. Sunday walks will change to 8 AM on March 29th with the City Island location. One exception to the change would be the Flagler walk which would remain at a 9 AM start time. In June a Saturday walk was added. It would be on National Trails Day and be at Greens Park. For Wednesday evening walks, they would also change to 7 PM during June, July and August.
Gloria mentioned that John McClellan/Co-Trail Master sent away for the official AVA flyer which will be placed in the walk boxes. In addition, picked up were AVA window decals which would be given to businesses housing the club’s POC walk boxes.
Question was asked by Dave Golden, “What determines the time walk’s start?” “Does it change due to the climate or does it adjust with the time change?” Answer by Gloria was that it coincides during March and October with clock time changes and the existing outside temperature during walk times.
Co-Member-at-Large Report: Bob Allen
Bob reported on the topic of Specialties and wanted all to know that based on his research, the
best he could find for the club and its future ordering of misc. logoed items was a minimum order of 2 dozen items. The price for shirts and hats would be $8. The shirts he felt were of good quality. There was a small interest from the Wednesday walk night survey to try to find headbands. To date he said he had not secured that need. The logo would be 1 inch in size and a mono color. On shirts it would be an opposite color from the shirt. Most important he wanted all to know is when ordering, all items would need to be pre-paid and in cash. Question by Dave Golden was in reference to the logo and if it would just read Happy Wanderers and not include AVA. Bob answered that he would inquire and get back to the club. In ending Bob stated that he would be start taking orders on Sunday.
Co-Trailmaster Report: John McClellan
John stated that The National Trails Day Walk was set for Saturday, June 6th. He wanted the membership to understand that National Events was a way the AVA attempts to raise needed funds. This event focuses on each walker cleaning up while walking. Green Springs Park is 3 months away and is located on the North side of Lake Monroe in Sanford. There will be a 5 & 10K walk. Also there will be sign-up sheets for helpers out during the upcoming walks and membership meetings.

NEW – Club Newsletter: Sheila McClellan
Sheila announced the undertaking of the club’s Newsletter. It will be published every quarter, and posted after a membership meeting. For suggestions, she mentioned to e-mail her at For those members who do not have e-mail access, she stated that she would mail them a copy.

Membership Report: Given by Bill Ellis (Data from Karen Duhlstine-Not Present)
The membership stands at 83 members. A total of 21 memberships were not renewed from last year.

President’s Report: Bill Ellis
We need a Coordinator for the De Leon Springs State Park Walk. Bill asked for any volunteers? Bill himself then again stated that he would take care of it.
It has been decided that no traditional events will be scheduled during the hot summer months.
David McCarthy/Webmaster has made some changes/improvements on the Web. It is running great.

Gloria (in regards to the Hontoon walk on April 25th) inquired whether a checkpoint was needed. A quick tally showed that the majority all agreed that it was not necessary. As for the DeLeon Springs walk on March 28th, the check-in table there will be manned by both Dave Golden and Gary Anderson. Barbara announced that she had not received the AVA stamp yet to date for that walk. Bob Allen did want to mention to the membership present that if it takes place after a rain, that it can get real muddy. Per John McClellan, he wanted all to know that bad weather with sighted lightning can be the only reason to stop a scheduled walk. Angie Clavelo asked if there was a fee to get into the park. Bill Ellis answered by stating that the park charged $6 per car load and only $4 if there was only one occupant in the vehicle. The topic discussion ended with a reminder by Bob Allen that he would be selling Specialties at the walk. Bill Ellis then mentioned the upcoming officers election in May of which terms would officially start July 1st. He reminded everybody that all positions are open. All present candidates except for his of President and Bob Allen of Co-Member-at-Large were willing to run again. He asked for a nominating committee and inquired if there were any volunteers. Sheila McClellan, Marianne Gray and Jim Leitch confirmed to be that committee.

Dan Spink asked the membership not to be afraid to click on different areas on the website Dave Golden inquired on how close we were to getting members contact information on the website with the proper password protection. Bill then spoke up and said that until it is set up it will not be available. He then commented that he would make sure to put it on the next Executive Committee’s agenda for discussion. Barbara Anderson stated that some members might not want to be published, while others might just want their e-mail only to be listed. John McClellan felt that each member should be asked. Dan felt that we should allow the next Executive Committee meeting iron out how we felt that information should be shared and posted on the website. After he continued, that topic would be brought back up for discussion at the next membership meeting. Before the present topic ended, Jim Leitch asked about having a phonebook printed for members. Gloria Pratt responded by stating that there was one, but that only the officers had copies.
The AVA National Convention June 13-21 will be in Salem, Oregon. John and Sheila McClellan will be going and representing our club and carry our vote. An FYI, the AVA does charge clubs for sending a delegate to vote on their behalf. Barbara wanted the membership to know that the club will pay the AVA delegate charge for John McClellan to represent the Happy Wanderers at the convention. The votes there will determine 1-The National AVA Officers and 2-By law changes. Question asked by Gary Anderson about how members know who will be running for National Officers positions. Answer was given by John McClellan that their bios are posted on the AVA website and in the Checkpoint Newsletter for those who receive them.
Bill Ellis wanted to welcome John and Sheila McClellan to Bike Week. John mentioned that he and Sheila would be there selling Red Poppies in front of the Boot Hill Saloon on behalf of the VFW.
Sheila McClellan wanted the membership to know that she would be sending the Newsletter to Karen Duhlstine. She would then send it out to the members via e-mail.

Bill Ellis then motioned to adjourn the meeting. It was 2nd by Barbara Anderson. All was in favor.
Meeting was then adjourned at 6:50 pm. There were 23 members present.

Business Meeting Minutes
Thursday January 8th, 2015 @ 6:30 PM

A roll call of officers was taken by Marie Priest/Secretary. It was noted that Barbara Anderson/Treasurer was not present due to prior scheduled obligations.

Minutes of the last membership meeting on November 7th it was announced were posted on the club’s website.  Per Bill Ellis/President, two corrections* were needed.  After stating such, the minutes were then accepted.
*Business Cards – It was written that the cards had officer’s names on them.  Correction was needed to state that officers would need to write their names on the cards, given that they would have a blank space for a name and phone number.
*X-Mas Donations – It was written that all donations from the club and accepted by the church went to homeless children at Silver Sands School.  Correction was needed to state that in addition, part of the club’s donations went to needy families known to the church.

A Thank You – Bill read aloud a card that was sent to the Happy Wanderers club from the Port Orange Presbyterian Church.  It was a note of thanks for the club’s outstanding support of the church’s Christmas Mission to feed hungry children.

Vice President’s Report:
Dan Spink/Vice President stated that the Blue dots will still be made available as a convenience only.  In addition, the old blue dots will be allowed with payment of an extra $1.00.  Angie Clavelo/Member questioned if indeed the change was due to the need of additional funds by the club?  Dan affirmed that and added that the club had definitely been affected by the decrease in membership.

Donations – Dan just mentioned that our club donations managed to fill 3 large bins and that he viewed the representation to be a very successful one.

Business Cards – As a reminder to all, the business cards would be available at walks and used as a way of advertising by being placed in approved businesses.

Treasurer’s Report:
Due to the treasurer’s absence, Bill gave the report.  The quarter ended with a total income of $4,578, expenses of $3,605 for a net of $973.  The club collected 50 dues renewals. There are presently 8 life members. In addition there have been 5 new memberships.

YRE Walk Coordinator’s Report:
Gloria Pratt/YRE Coordinator spoke about how the tri-fold for new members was completed and is now in all the walk boxes.  She also mentioned that her and Robert Priest/Co-Member-At-Large are still working on the 12 page brochure and how when completed it will then need to be approved by the AVA.
Special Programs – Gloria stated that 4 had been added which would bring the total to 22 and
that they would qualify for our Year End Events. In addition, she said members could specifically get a book for stamping.
Misc.-She continued by giving a shout-out of thanks to John McClellan/Trailmaster for updating the Port Orange walk, Sandy Krause/Event Coordinator and to our club’s POC’s.  As a closing, she added that the boxes had been picked up from the 4 designated cancelled 2014 walk locations.

Member-At-Large Report: Bob Allen/Co-Member-At-Large wanted all to know that the Wednesday night walk wavier was going well.

Webmaster Report:
Web-David McCarthy/Webmaster reported that the website went live in December 2014 in spite of a deadline of January 2015.  Basically he said, the old website was converted and then cleaned up.  He wanted members to know that there were still corrections to be made and asked that if anybody sees anything that they felt needed to be changed, to please let him know.

Trailmaster & Club Facebook Creator:
Due to illness, John McClellan/Trailmaster was not present.  Bill stated that his slated report would be rescheduled for the next membership meeting on March 8th.  As an added note, Dan Spink mentioned to the club that John was accepted by the Executive Committee to officially become the club’s 2nd Trailmaster.
President’s Report:
Bill Ellis/President re-presented to Salley Hobling/Member a 2nd certificate of “Thanks and Appreciation”.  Unfortunately the prior certificate had misspelled her name, thus this time to make up for the error the certificate had been beautifully framed.  Salley’s 8 years as Treasurer for the club gave her that distinct recognition.

Christmas Party-It was held at the VFW post in a separate room.  It was a great party with great food.  Twenty-nine (29) members attended.  Bill commented that he thought it was a very nice evening.  In addition, gifts which were partly donated were given out via a drawing.  Marie Priest/Secretary commented she thought Barbara Anderson/Treasurer did a very nice job.

Walk Events-Gloria/YRE Coordinator stated that our club is planning an event in March at Deleon Springs on Saturday the 28th.  Registration and walk time will be from 9-11:00 AM with a finish time at 2:00 PM.  Pavilion #4 has been reserved for all to bring their packed lunches.  Parking is $6 per car with up to 8 people per car.  Bob Allen/Co-Member-At-Large mentioned that the terrain was a tough one.  A flyer is in the works and will be out by early February.

In addition, our club is participating in an AVA sanctioned event in Palm Coast at Washington Oaks along with the Jacksonville First Coast Trail Forgers on Sunday March 15th. Start time will be from 9-10:00 AM.  Lunch will be held at Captain’s Barbeque.  Russ Anderson/Member stated that he believed that weekend celebrates “Earth Day” so there would be in addition to the walk,
exhibitors, food, entertainment and an all-around celebration.

Gloria continued on by mentioning a Special Event being considered on Saturday April 25th at Hontoon Island.  It would be an AVA walk.  It was cancelled last September or October.  Facts: Average rainfall in April is 3-4 inches, which happens to be the lowest rainfall month on average there for any given year.

FVA-Dan Spink/Vice President in summary wanted to give an overview on the status of the Florida Volkssport Association. Facts: There are 8 local clubs in Florida.  The present home base for the FVA is the existing President’s home address.  State Park walks are how the FVA makes their money, (i.e. Hontoon Island).  Membership Question #1 Answered; The FVA maintains the markers at the state parks.  Membership Question #2 Answered; State Park walks are not known unless there is communication.  Dan then proposed to form a committee by which our club would partner with Mike Lanpher and other officers from additional clubs in Florida to find out what can be done.  Volunteers
forming the committee ended up being; Dan Spink/Vice Present, Robert Priest/Co-Member-At-Large, David Golden/Member, and John McClellan/Trailmaster (not present).  Dan stated that in addition he would send an e-mail out to all FVA club president’s in an attempt to get feedback.  David Golden/Member asked if there was a North and South Coordinator and if so, where the line of separation was?  Dan vowed to come back in March with answers.

Member ID Card-Bill/President inquired to the membership about the possible redesigning of the member identification card.  He felt that presently there were too many variations.  Karen Duhlstine/Membership he stated has requested this.  Bill felt this job would need to be the responsibility of someone with arts/graphics experience.  Janice Golden/Member spoke up and felt that making it too busy in appearance would defeat the purpose.  She felt the simpler the better and as a result of viewing many from other clubs, making the first name much larger she felt would be best.

Carpooling-Bill threw out an idea that he felt needed to be raised.  Carpooling is not something we do as a club.  Russ Anderson/Member stated that we could mention it on the Wednesday night walks for possible interest.  He then questioned whether membership lists existed for members.  Bill stated no that only Executive Committee members had them.  David Golden/Member felt that it would be especially beneficial for scheduled walks a greater distance away. David McCarthy/Webmaster mentioned that we could put a membership list on line and make it password protected.

Publicity-A big thank you went out to Mary-Ann Westbrook/Publicity for the continued handling of the club’s advertising.

Website Q & A-David McCarthy/Webmaster wanted all to know that the membership form is on the website.  Salley Hobling/Member asked about printing out a calendar.  For the time being David stated, members can hit the subscribe button which will give options to use one’s personal calendar and able printing.  Members then commented that it; #1-works on Outlook only, and 2-does not work on Google.  David mentioned how he was still working on that very thing and asked all to please know that as time goes on, things will improve.

Facebook-Bill/President wanted to start conversation about member John McClellan’s/Trail master Facebook page and questioned why it was not specifically the Happy Wanderers Club’s Facebook page.  David/Webmaster added by explaining how it could be easily created.  Without hesitation secretary Marie Priest was then instructed by Bill to ask John to create one for the membership.  Immediately after, Bill asked for a motion for Marie to do so.  He then asked Marie to read aloud her notes regarding the wording of what would be requested by her to ask of John.  Quickly a motion was given by Dan Spink/Vice-President and it was then 2nd by Mary-Ann Westbrook/Publicity.  All was in favor!

Meeting was then adjourned at 7:50 pm.  There were 21 members present.

Business Meeting Minutes
Thursday November 6th, 2014 @ 6:30 PM

A roll call of officers was taken.

Minutes of the last membership meeting on September 16th were announced were now on the club’s website.  No corrections and or additions were needed, thus the required approval was given.

A reminder to the membership was the following:

Dan Spink was Vice President and thus resigned his former Member-at-Large position. Bill Ellis appointed Robert Priest as the new Member-at-Large

Vice President’s report was given:

Blue dots will no longer be allowed as of 2015 due to the club’s shortage of funds.

Business cards – Who are you? Old Happy Wanderers contact cards are being updated with the current officer’s names and in-addition are being made more generic to solve a universal need.  Contacts are currently being made to find out who printed the previous cards.  Dan Spink/Vice President officially volunteered to donate the funds needed to allow for such an idea to be possible.  As he stated, “put them in your handy name pouch!”

Treasurer’s report was given:

The 2nd quarter ending balance was $3,004.66.  At the end of October the balance stood at $1,698.19, of which $1,125.00 was for the Walk AroundFlorida dinners.  The club would be getting those funds back.  Recent high expenses were for Insurance and Storage.  There was also a decrease in membership.  As a reminder, Barbara Anderson/Treasurer wanted all to know that the newspaper advertisements for our walks that Member/Marianne Westbrook in charge of publicity was bringing in new members.  Fact was that for each walker that pays $3 to walk, $1.25 of that goes to the AVA along with a quarterly fee of $5.00 for each YRE. We have received $204 to date from the 3rd quarter from our walks.  During the summer months, walking revenue was very low and the end result is that the club loses money.

YRE Walk Coordinator’s report was given:

November 11th walk will be a 6pm.   New Year’s Eve walk will be on Dec. 31st at Kohl’s due to unfortunately permits being needed at the Pavilion location.  2015 walk schedule has been prepared and 6 months of it will be released to be published.   Cancelled walks will be used for future Special Event walks.  First Coast Trail Forgers has scheduled a 3 day walk in January, it was suggested that those interested go on-line for more information.  Gloria Pratt/YRE Walk Coordinator wanted to thank Robert Priest/Member-at-Large for his assistance with the processing of numerous brochures using “Publisher”.  An AVA St. Augustine walk has been scheduled at 10:11 AM on December 13, 2014 (hence the 10,11,12,13,14 unique identifier).  Barbara Anderson/Treasurer sadly mentioned that the club missed the special shirt order cut-off deadline.  She also wanted all members to know that that walk is specific and all walkers must “BE” presently walking at the designated 10:11 AM time to be considered validated.

President’s report’s was given:

Web – Bill Ellis/President wanted to remind everybody that former President Mike Duhlstine did not want to continue to do the website.  Since then, Dan  Spink/Vice-President gathered all parties that were interested and had a meeting at his home which also included Bill Ellis.  After numerous questions and careful consideration, the member best suited for the position was Member/David McCarthy.  A new Special Event Coordinator Member/Sandy Krause met with Bill Ellis and Gloria Pratt/YRE Coordinator one week ago.  She will be overseeing both the Veteran’s Day walk and the New Year Eve’s walk.  Recent Walk Around Florida was a huge success. There were 17-18 club members in Cocoa Beach.  There were 4 walks over 3 days.  Mike Lanpher from the Mid Florida Milers was largely responsible for picking up the slack when it came to our club and the unfortunate occurrence of certain deadlines having passed without responsibility being successfully met.  Next year the event will take place at the Villages and the Mid Florida Milers will be the host club.


New Webmaster -David McCarthy spoke about the present status of the up-coming website.  It is currently 80-85% complete.  Pictures of officers are needed. When you Google “Walking Club Daytona” now, our club comes out on top.  Home page is completely done and you will be able to get access to anywhere from it. Gallery is now more functional. There is also on the home page, graphics of other clubs which will allow you access to their website.  Working with Member/John McClellan to make the Facebook link also work successfully.  The deadline for the Go Daddy former site to go down is December 18th.  David did not see where that would be a problem.

Wednesday Fun Walks – Bob Allen/Member-at-Large mentioned on the new revised Release of Liability form will now be used on the Wed PM walks. He stated that it was a lot to read in small print and that he and Dan Spink/Vice-President would have copies.  As a rule, all used sheets would need to be kept by the club for a period of 7 years.  In addition for any walker under 18, the parent or guardian must sign the log sheet on their behalf.

Facebook – John McClellan/Club’s Facebook Page Creator could not be present at the club’s membership meeting but drafted up notes that he asked his wife Sheila to go over.  HW Facebook Update – There are currently 38 members, including several from broader AVA.  Anyone can write on the page so Post Your Pictures!!  Several of our upcoming events are listed under “events.”  You can RSVP electronically by clicking there and saying “GOING.” There is no cost to the club.  For 2014, ways to consider advertising our club before year end would be at the Volusia County Fair in Deland and any other Holiday festivals whereby we might want to give out New Walker Packets.  Other highlights of John’s list consisted of the following: and upcoming 2015 events to consider.  For those interested, copies will be available at the next membership meeting in January 2015.

Christmas Party – Treasurer/Barbara Anderson and this year’s Xmas party creator and coordinator wanted the membership to know that a flyer would go out via e-mail by Member/Karen Duhlstine.  The party has been scheduled on Friday December 19th, at 7-10 pm.  The location would be at the VFW on Williamson in Port Orange which comfortably holds 200 people.  The hired DJ will also do Karaoke.  There will be a cash bar at only .25 above what the VFW members pay themselves. This would include beer, wine and assorted liquors.  It will be a catered affair by Luigi’s.  There will a gift drawing of which half the members will end up getting a gift (gag or nice).  The fee of $30 per person would include food, gifts and entertainment.  Also, no BYOB!!!  as they have a liquor license.  Barbara asked for volunteers the day of the party for table set up and decorations, all of which would need to be put back in the end as it was found. If found not to be the case, the club would lose its deposit of $75 to properly reset-up the room.

Thanksgiving or Christmas Food – Dan Spink/Vice-President spoke up about possibilities for this year’s food drive.  Per Bill Ellis/President, wanted to vote for The Council on Aging.  Sally Hobling/Member suggested we do the same group (Urban Ministry) as last year.  Gloria Pratt/YRE Walk Coordinator mentioned that we did not get a call back last year.  Also mentioned were also the 2nd Harvest Food Bank and the Salvation Army.  Questioned was what times of year the club wanted to do it for, Thanksgiving or Christmas.  The present membership agreed that Christmas be the designated holiday.  Bob suggested that this year the club’s Xmas party be the cut-off for donations.  Members would be allowed to bring items on the 19th.  Member/ Joanne Beauregard inquired if cash and or food gift cards were allowed.  Russ Anderson/Member said yes, since it helps to fill in what does not get donated.  Gloria asked that Karen be notified to be a separate e-mail to all members.

Barbara Anderson/Treasurer agreed that that way it would get more attention.  Member/Barbara Anderson suggested that a list of needed foods could be made available.  She continued by describing how their church (Happy Wanderers Membership Meetings location) helps homeless families at the local Silver Sands school.  Comments from the membership then started to be voiced and in the end it was agreed that the club’s designated food drive charity be the same Silver Sands School with Dan Spink/Vice President and Bob Allen/Member-at-Large responsible for collecting all donated items.

Meeting was adjourned.

Business Meeting Minutes
Thursday September 4th, 2014 @ 6:30 PM

The meeting having been slightly delayed started at 6:40 pm, the sign-in and later count verified there were 17 members present. Due to the noted absence of President Larry Middleton, Bill Ellis/Vice-President took a seat at the head table to make it official. Bill verbally stated that he would do his best to fill in since he was not aware that Larry would not be present. Marie Priest/Secretary took note that all officers with the exception of the President were in attendance. Bill asked Barbara Anderson/newly appointed Treasurer to give the financial status report.

TREASURER’S REPORT Barbara stated that as of the new fiscal year July 1st, the opening balance was $4,303.92. She commented that August was a big month for expenses as they totaled $964.87. The larger expenses consisted of the quarterly charges by the AVA for our walks, and the club’s liability insurance which Barbara added, almost doubled from last year. A smaller expense which she felt was notable was the $100 the club donated to the Church for our club’s usage of their meeting room. Income was only $24 of which $20 came from the AVA as a reimbursement for sanctioned fees previously paid. Thus the ending balance for the period amounted to $3,575.20.


OFFICE DEPOT GIFT CERTIFICATES Bill/Vice-President wanted to quickly announce that he had, (as a result of the club’s credit from various sources) 2-$20 gift certificates that would be expiring too soon for the club to gain any use from them. He inquired to the present membership if there was anyone who would be interested in purchasing them at a discount of $18 each. It was Dan Spink/Co-Member at Large that agreed to the purchase price.

 INSURANCE Marie Priest/Secretary stated that she had a recollection that the need for the club’s insurance was mentioned during our last President’s reign. Specifically she mentioned that it was stated that the club at one time used to have a liability waiver that was signed by all that attended the Wednesday PM walks but that it was not being utilized any longer. Bill/Vice-President stated that he also remembered something to that effect and that when Mike Duhlstine came on board in 2011 it was he who uncovered a gap in what the AVA’s insurance covered. Dave Golden/member then spoke up and clearly stated that he felt that before we change anything freely we as a club should make sure that we cover all immediate exposure. Topic was left open and the present membership agreed it was a topic that should be specifically re-addressed.

 DISCONTINUED WALKS Bill/Vice-President announced that at the prior executive meeting it was decided that 4 of the club’s walks would be discontinued due to decreased usage/activity. As a result the club would be able to save on various fees for each location and that they also would no longer be considered sanctioned walks as of

THE HAPPY WANDERERS WALKING CLUB, INC. Business Meeting Minutes – Thursday September 4th, 2014 @ 6:30 PM

12/31/14. The 4 walks consisted of following; the Palm Coast, Palatka, Ormond Beach/Central Park,

and South Daytona locations. Angie Clavelo/member asked if the Port Orange walk was still going to be redone. Marie/Secretary answered yes, that Gloria Pratt and Bob Allen/members both agreed to take on that task at the last executive meeting.

 HW PUBLICITY Mary-Ann Westbrook/member wanted to state for the record that the City Island Walk in Daytona had been unfortunately erroneously promoted as having a starting point at the library in error when the starting point should be at the usual parking lot location.

 As a consideration to any new visitors, she felt we as members we should make it a point to make sure no walkers are left behind. Also Mary-Ann confirmed that the upcoming WAF was also being publicized with both Larry and Bill’s phone numbers listed for those wanting to inquire.

 UPCOMMING WAF Dave Golden/member questioned whether or not our website would be providing a link to the other clubs since we had nothing posted on ours to date. Barbara Anderson/Treasurer answered yes but until the final details were finalized her suggestion was to directly go to the other two clubs (Mid-Florida Milers and Suncoast Sandpipers) websites.

 MEMBERS Bill/Vice-President wanted to announce the newest additions to the Happy Wanderers membership. He asked that everybody please welcome John and Sheila McCellan from Port Orange. Also, Bill stated that a welcome back is in order for members Dave and Janice Golden.

The membership meeting then came to an early end at 7:10 PM due to the unforeseen occurrence. No mention of a future meeting date was made at that time.